Sunday, May 11, 2014

365 Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 18

So, as you can probably tell from these images, we were given more or less the same prompts for a second week in a row. At first I thought this might be some sort of test, so I tweeted Toasty, who is in charge of the iggle Photo-A-Day challenge, and she said that it was just a mistake. Because of that, I didn't stick to any particular prompts for this week. Here's what I came up with!

Day 120

This is a picture of The Big Bang Theory mug I bought for my mom as part of a Mother's Day gift from a few years ago. I'd say we both use it fairly regularly - only she drinks actual coffee out of it and I use it to drink milk XD

Day 121

This is a cool Dalek bag that I saw at Mostly Comics while I was there shopping during Free Comic Book Day. I'm sure that if I was a bigger Doctor Who fan that I would've bought it, but unfortunately I'm not :( Not yet, at least.

Day 122

Here's something nifty I ordered for myself along with my mom's Mother's Day card. I really like these cards, although I'm not entirely sure who they're intended for as of this moment. I'm sure that I'll be sending out these cards to some pretty awesome people though, and I look forward to run out of these so I can check out the Wit & Whistle shop again :)

Day 123

One thing I mentioned in the caption of this picture is that I seem to include a picture of the mess that is taking over my room pretty much every month, and it depresses me that it has not yet gone away XP That's what having a busy semester at school will do to you. I'm hoping now that I only have the one online class right now, I'll finally have time to get my room under control. One thing I'd like more than anything right now is to actually have an organized desk/work area

Day 124

This bandage on my middle finger (which means yes, I'm basically giving the entire internet the middle finger - oops!) came from an occupational hazard that haunts all bookstore employees, and that would be paper cuts XD I happened to get a pretty nasty one near the end of my shift, when I was putting away from stock. Actually cut myself on the dust jacket of a book and not the actual pages. Truth be told, I might have left some blood on the book XP

Day 125

Ahh, I will gladly take any excuse to display a picture of Matt Bomer to the public. Now, this image might look a little distorted, and that is because I took a picture of a DVD cover, and I took the picture on an angle, so that's why his face looks a little . . . wide. Even so, a wide-looking Matt Bomer is still an incredibly gorgeous Matt Bomer, am I right?! He will always be an absolute pleasure to look at. I'm glad I got my boyfriend into White Collar; he doesn't get mad when I sneak peaks at shirtless Matt Bomer either XD

Day 126

Not a bad selfie, if I do say so myself. The only thing I regret is the filter, which looked okay on my phone but I now really, really hate XP It's quite the same too, because I really did have bangin' hair and makeup that day too :P Plus I was rocking my Portal earrings, which I love and don't wear very often because they're a bit on the heavy side. Glad I got to see my boyfriend that day - we went for a walk and went out for ice cream while the weather was nice.

See? Much better picture with #nofilter am I right?

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