Friday, August 8, 2014

Cosplay Prep #1 - FanExpo 2014

Holy Convention, Batman!
This is going to be my first year attending FanExpo in Toronto, and I cannot begin to express how excited I am to get too attend this massive metropolitan convention! This is a 4 day convention, which is also the longest con duration I have ever experienced. It's definitely the biggest as well. The main thing I have heard about this con from friends that have frequented it in the past is about how crowded it is, which you can see from the picture. Luckily, I love crowds, and as long as I don't have a massive migraine during any of the 4 days of the convention I should be good to go.

As of today, the first day of FanExpo is 20 days away! It might seem like a lot to some people, but when I've got one final cosplay costume to put together, the clock is definitely ticking. At least I don't have to go desperately searching the internet looking for ideas; I know exactly what I'm hoping to pull off for one of the four days of this convention.

WIP Thrift Store Cosplay: The Boss/The President from Saints Row IV
Here is a picture from the Saints Row community site that I uploaded of the character I play in Saints Row IV. This is my rendition of what my boss character would wear as the President of the United States. She's dressed to impress but at the same time you can tell from the nonexistence of a proper shirt underneath that blazer that she doesn't have to impress anybody and does what she wants, whenever she wants, and she does it just the way she likes it - the mark of a true Saint! Those heels could definitely be described as ankle-breakers, but she can easily sprint and dive in those things without breaking a sweat. It's that kind of reckless abandon and confidence that I hope to embody with this character. I hope to turn myself into a true-blue puckish rogue ;)
This will be my first-attempted thrift store cosplay. I don't yet know how to sew, and all the other cosplay outfits I've worn so far have been ordered off the internet, so this should prove to be a unique experience for me. My friend that I'm going to FanExpo with is also planning on dressing as a Saints Row character, target more towards Saints Row the Third, and when he comes into town for a visit next week we'll be hitting up the Welland Goodwill to try and find him some Saints-appropriate attire. But I was recently able to stop in on my own, and I found the perfect centerpiece for my con outfit.
Target Acquired: Blazer, Skirt & Push-Up Bra
It was the blazer that I happened upon at Goodwill this week. One great thing about this jacket is that it fits me so well and I'll actually be able to wear it outside of conventions, unlike all those bridesmaid dresser sitting in the back of women's closets that the bride swore up and down they would be able to wear once the wedding was over XD It fastened closed with two buttons instead of one, which is helpful for me, since it will reveal what I want it to but it won't end up being too much.

The skirt is something I already had in my closet that I'd picked up from Ricki's. It has a wrap-style decorating the front. It's actually a couple of years old, and with the weight I put on this winter that I've had trouble taking off since then it is a little tight, but honestly, for this particular cosplay, having the skirt be a little snug is perfect for what I'm going for. And it's not too tight to be uncomfortable, so I won't be fidgeting with it as I wanted around the merch tables or feeling self-conscious when I'm asked to pose for photos.

As for the double push-up bra . . . it may have already have been an article of clothing that I had in my possession before I began putting this cosplay together XD It's going to be perfect to provide the dramatic cleavage I'll need to recreate the look for this video game character.
The Look So Far
As you can see the blazer gapes quite a bit. While that is the look I'm going for with this particular outfit choice, it's a little bit more than what I need, so I'll be needing to discretely pin the blazer a bit so that it's just right. I've also got a Fleur de Lis pendant that I'll need to fashion into a necklace for this costume. I also plan on raiding my mother's crafting supplies to help me with creating a unique accessory to really complete this look - but for now it's a surprise ;)

Also, I'll need a pair of nude pantyhose to really complete the look. As for shoes, I'm still in decision mode about that. I know from personal experience that the shoes you choose to wear can make or break you when convention time rolls around, because comfort is paramount when you're going to be on your feet all day. I'm tempted to use a combat-style of boots I have that aren't heeled but might help reinforce the bad-ass factor. As of this moment, I am still undecided. Doing a little more research about con-appropriate shoes or reading tips on how to be comfortable in cosplay may be in order before FanExpo arrives.

I've also got plans for my hair too. I won't be wearing a wig, and I won't be dying my hair the same outlandish colour that I have set for my boss character in SR4, but I do have some pretty great ideas. And the glasses won't be worn as part of the outfit either, but I've got some great contacts at the ready.

So far, that's where I stand with my cosplay prep - there will be plenty more to do before Thursday the 28th arrives. I can't wait to share all the cosplay-related details with you guys! I'll be keeping you guys posted!

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