Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Love of Words #4

So we've all got a selection of words that we love - whimsical, y'all, eviscerate and languish are a few examples that have been given to me in the past - and for various reasons. We like how they sound, we like what they represent, or we have some sort of personal connection or positive connotation with those words that cause them to stick around in our heads. Unfortunately, we have certain words stuck inside of our brains that we'd rather not have there. What about our least favorite words?

In one of my seminars recently for a course titled "The Creative Writer", we went around the room discussing out favorite words, and then we switched to discussing out least favorite words, and the comparative results for both questions was really interesting. Fascinated by this, I went on Twitter and asked people what their least favorite words were, and here are the results I received:

"For no particular reason, other than it bugs me, I hate when engaged people use the word fiancé."
"Tummy. I hate the way tummy sounds."
"Moist. Just. No. Ugh I get cold shivers just thinking about it. And I know it's naughty but I hate the word Jizz. Like a lot."
"Urgh do I have to type it? It's Mings, so bad :("
"Categorically. And Love"
"Hate. Because it's overused. We have such a vast array of words at our fingertips. We can do better!"
"Patty. It makes me cringe"
"The word 'clunge' is just horrendous :("
"I don't really like 'preggo' or 'preggers'."
"I'm sure someone already said it, but 'MOIST' is my least favorite word."
"Literally. Unless you're John Green. Because nobody uses it correctly. Also the N word and the C U next Tuesday word. If we're doing bad words. Those are hateful, and I can't stand them."

And those are just a few of the samples I received! If I'd been paying more attention in seminar I would've thought to write down the least favorite words of my classmates and their reasonings and include those as well, but alas I was not prepared. Big thanks to everyone on Twitter that contributed to this post, I really appreciate it! I originally intended to include the screen name of everybody but some people looked to not be enjoying the sharing of their least favorite words, so I decided to keep it anonymous. Again, thank you everyone so much!

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