Thursday, September 18, 2014

Confessions of a Blogger

A lot of other fellow bloggers have participated in this link up, so I couldn't resist in joining in and having a little fun in the process :) Wish I could've included an original photo as part of this, but right now the areas at home where I tend to blog are a complete mess XP So I hope that Nerdy Girlie's stock image is fine with you guys. Here is the original Confessions of a Blogger post by Nerdy Girlie.

#1: I suck at time management/scheduling blog posts.
In order to generally improve my blog, I ended up purchasing the Blog Planning Kit from to help me with planning content and to help me manage my time as well. That was months ago and I still haven't gotten the hang of using it XD It's a work in progress though. I know if I start planning my posts a week or two in advance I'll be better off, especially since I'm back in school.
#2: I spend way too much money on advertising.
Making money from sponsors is one of the things I least desire to do with regards to my blog. That being said, I know I should get a bit more aggressive with looking for sponsors, if only to try and break even with the amount I spend each month on advertising. I'd like to avoiding advertising less, because I'm eager to put myself and my blog out there, so I hope that I'll soon get better at seeking sponsors and will learn how to advertise a bit smarter.
#3: I'm terrible at taking the time to explore other people's blogs.
This travesty is caused by the combined effort of me being a lazy ass the majority of the time and me spending most of my internet hours on YouTube. As fascinating as I find Zoella's daily vlogs and each new episode of Frankenstein MD and Job Hunters, I know that it would be more proactive of me to spend more of that time browsing other blogs, reading posts and publishing comments.
#4: I want to incorporate original YouTube videos as part of my blog SO BAD!!!
Ever since the spring/summer of 2013 when I regularly shot, edited and uploaded vlogs as part of the vlogiggles, I have seriously missed creating content for YouTube and I keep searching for a way in which I may be able to combine my passion for The Written Word(s) with my passion for creating YouTube videos. I do tend to overload myself when it comes to regular commitments, so I know I don't have time to manage my own separate channel just yet, but I'm constantly brainstorming about fun and innovative ways I could incorporate videos with my blog on a semi-regular basis.
#5: I'm very behind with Snail Mail, which is both a bad thing and a good thing.
Of course being too busy to send out letters and postcards to the people I care about is a huge bummer, and I love being able to sit down and decorate note cards that I'm sending out to my pen pals or even to unsuspecting recipients. But this time where I'm unable to have Snail Mail as a constant fixture of my day-to-day routine is also a blessing in disguise. Lately I've been working to blog more about writing in general instead of fixating too heavily on Snail Mail. As much fun as I have showing off the cool cards and packages I occasionally receive in the mail, I know that daily posts about one or two Postcrossing cards aren't exactly entertaining. Or, at least, I haven't found a way to make them entertaining yet, which is why I switched to doing the occasional weekly Snail Mail post.
With being forced to take an actual break from snail mail, it gives me the opportunity to create content for my blog that isn't heavily reliant on what I may find in my mailbox on a particular week. I've experimented with fashion-related posts (which I hope to write more about in the near future), I've finally been given a chance to write about video games ("A Defense of The Sims Games."), and I plan on doing a weekly or bi-weekly routine of posting about improving your writing skills by practicing a little bit every day. This break is giving me a chance to really expand and to try out new content, which I am grateful for :) But that doesn't mean I can give up on Snail Mail entirely; it's just too much fun XD

And that's that! Check out other #BloggerConfessions posts on blogs all over the place! I hope you all didn't mind sitting through my round of what felt like complaining about myself for an entire blog post :P Let me know what you think in the comments below! And tell me, What are some of your blogger confessions?


  1. Kacie, I LOVE How They Blog! Her podcasts is one of my favorites, it is nice to see that someone else loves it as well!

    I am really lacking on getting sponsors for my blog too. I can do it for others, but have a very hard time doing it for myself! Good luck to us both!

    Thank you for participating, I truly loved reading this! xx

  2. Great list! And if reading the other blogger confessions has told you anything, a great deal of us suck at time management. So you're note alone! :)

  3. My confession list was a big pity party lol. I want to be able to earn money from advertising eventually, but right now I don't feel like I'm in the position to ask for sponsors. So for now I will just stick to advertising on other people's blogs (like yours!).

    I have never heard of How They Blog, but I am going to check it out right now. I could use some help with time management/planning as well :)

  4. Oh wow! Thanks for the link to How They Blog. I think it will help me out immensely!

  5. Know about #5 all too well! But to be fair I just moved and am still switching over addresses and whatnot. =X

  6. I'm the opposite for #1 and #2 (I am so tight when it comes to spending money haha) but I am with you on #3 - sometimes I'm just too lazy to look through blogs which is an awful thing to say but it all depends on my mood, most of the time I love it :)

    I hope you put some videos in your blog! That would be cool

  7. #3! I just joined the Female Geek Blogger Community on G+ and I know to get the full value out of it I have to visit blogs, but... I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. Too many new faces!

  8. I used to only read and watch the big bloggers and vbloggers but stopped... eventually I want to start doing some youtube vids for my blog too!