Monday, September 29, 2014

Mail Call! 22/09/14 - 26/09/14

Received Mail: 2 Items!
Item #1: New Dress & Belt from ModCloth!
I've been trying my best to resist the urge to buy stuff online lately unless it's something I really need, but when ModCloth was having a 70% off sale, all bets were off :P I actually spent so little on my order that the box was delivered to my door instead of having an additional customs charge to pay at the post office before I could pick up my order, and that's the first time I've ever had a ModCloth box delivered to my door.

The belt is a brown leather and has a belted pouch attached to it that slides to anywhere that you would like to position it. I'll admit, the main reason I bought it is because I thought it would be a great piece for my future Steampunk costume. But the pouch looks big enough to hold even my cell phone, so I don't see any reason why I won't get a lot of use out of it.
My and my aunts and uncles standing outside Corks in Niagara-on-the-Lake.
And this is the red dress that I bought for a very reasonable price :) It was very comfortable and the style was actually extremely flattering to my particular figure. It has this weird bit at the sides that took away from the size of my hips, and when my mother saw it on me she was so impressed that she told me to remember the name of the style of it so that we could look for other dresses in that particular style at some point in the future. All in all, in this case, I am very happy that I decided to indulge a little bit with this sale.
Item #2: Chevron & Lightening Bolt Nail Vinyls!
This particular purchase definitely doesn't fit into the category of "need", I know that, but these were something that I really wanted to try. With my subscription to Black Sheep Lacquer nail polishes, I really want to try and create some awesome-looking nail art with these things.
The new polishes from Black Sheep lacquer that I received earlier this month.
I just received from great new polishes, and I have a ton more that I still haven't used yet and I'm eager to try them out. I hope that with the help of these new nail vinyls, I'll be able to show off some super cool nail art to you guys really soon :)
Sent Mail: 3 Items!
Items 1-2: Letters to Pen Pal Tia & Hopeful Pen Pal Shelby!
Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty I'm free at last . . . to write letters to people XD

With how hectic this summer was for me, I've been seriously behind with my snail mail, and actually started a letter in the summer that I had to re-write because too much time had passed from when I first started it! That's never happened before, and let me tell you, it was kind of a pain XP Now I know better then to get too lazy with my letter writing ever again. Because I was able to re-write and finally finish one letter, I was free to finally get started with the second one, which was long overdue. It's quite the weight off my shoulders to finally get 2 new letters sent off in the mail. Plus I got to use the new postal-themed stamps I received as a birthday gift from my mom :)
Item #3: Summer Camp Care Package to Iggle Marissa!
Now if my letters were a tad overdue, this care package takes the cake XP

This package being so, so delayed was partly the cause of an error in me not being assigned to another iggle for this gift exchange until 2 days after packages were due, in which case I knew I wouldn't be able to make the deadline, and partly because I became overwhelmed with my giveaways and then with school and there was the matter of dealing with the new online customs forms and being able to afford shipping that held me back even further. But I finally got this package in the mail today, and better late than never!
At the very least, I hope the fact that I went all out with this care package (even if it is extremely late) will make up for any of the discrepancies. I tried to categorize the stuff I got her and kind of keep it together. There's a box full of stationary stuff (since every iggle camper needs to be able to write home!) and I had a little felt bag full of different craft supplies, and most creative of all was I put together a "fairy" kit because Marissa listed her nickname as the Fairy Queen. So I thought I'd play off that and put some things together with some written instructions on how to make your own fairy circle. I hope she finds it cute and endearing, even if it's remarkably late.

There's of course also a whole bunch of other summer-related goodies jam-packed in there, and I hope that even though summer is officially over, she'll be able to find a way to enjoy everything sent to her in the box. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

And that's all the mail-related news! Until next time, I'll keep you guys posted!

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  1. Looks like a great roundup! I have yet to order anything from ModCloth. . .I'm scared it'll be like a Pandora's box for me haha!