Thursday, September 4, 2014

#ootd - Feelin' Wicked!

To my friends and family, I'm always known as the one who overdresses for every occasion. That's because I have so much fun putting different outfits together! I collect jewelry like it's nobody's business and I have something of an obsession with buying dresses. Since I see so many other bloggers doing this, I'm going to take a spin at documenting a few of my favorite outfits as I put them together and wear them out of the house. (Please remember that I'm a Canadian blogger, so if some of the shop names aren't recognizable to your American or International eyes, then that's probably why XD)

For this particular occasion, I was feeling a little green, not to mention "Black is this year's pink!" according to one Galinda Upland. I had a date with my sister-in-law to go see Wicked on opening night at the Ed Mirvish Theater in Toronto :) I couldn't help but put a little something together for the occasion.
The Clothes
When my eye landed on the particular green of this dress (as well as how much the price was discounted at Suzy Shier), I knew that I had to have it! It may not be emerald green, but it still worked perfectly for opening night. I added a small black waist belt that I'd picked up some time ago from Ricki's clothing boutique and paired it with my black pantyhose that I'd just finished using as part of my Elizabeth cosplay at FanExpo. I also had on a simple pair of black flats, modest shoes that I'm sure Elphaba would approve of.

The hat is something special I'd picked up recently on my big back-to-school shopping trip. For whatever reason it reminded me of the hat that Jessa wears in the pilot episode of Girls, even after looking up the photos from that episode later and seeing that the hats are actually quite different. It might not be the same style of pointed black hat that Elphaba likes to sport, but I still felt that it tied everything together rather well.
I didn't end up bringing the leather jacket with me, because it was a bit too warm for it on this occasion, but this is just to show how you could tie in your own leather jacket into this look to make it appropriate for the fall. It might not be a black cape, but it still fits with the overall Wicked theme.
Jewelry & Face
I stuck to wearing a lot of gold and green with this outfit. It's hard to see it in these pictures, but on my left wrist I wore an older bracelet that is gold and has a larger, oval-shaped green stone. It looks like jade but I'm pretty sure it's just a costume piece. The necklace has emerald-colored stones that make up flower and leaf patterns, looping together and merging into one line. This kind of necklace is what I would typically call "cleavage jewelry", since that's exactly where it draws eyes to XD I picked this up at the local fair last year. It also came with a matching pair of earrings but I couldn't find them before going out, so I put in a pair of green rose-shaped studs that came in a multi-coloured pack from Claire's.
I didn't go too crazy with the makeup, really just sticking to eyeliner and mascara for the eyes (I used the new Manga mascara, which I received for my birthday from Diana, thanks a ton!). I stuck to a nice bright pink lip gloss. After all, according to Galinda, "Pink goes good with green!"
Complete The Look
I unfortunately didn't have time to do my nails before heading off to Wicked, which would've been super fun. If I had though, I already know what colours I would've used. The top picture there includes the green base coat I would use on my finger nails, and then I would have used the sparkle coat titled Cyborg in a gradient style as is shown in the second picture. A bit of green with a otuch of sparkle.

For any pink enthusiasts, or who just agree with Galinda that pink goes good with green, doing the exact nails from the bottom picture would work just as well to give your outfit more of a spice of Glinda the Good. The pink sparkle coat used there is one I have as well, titled Jawbreaker, also from +blacksheeplacquer. If you'd like to learn how to achieve this gradient look, this photo and a step-by-step guide can be found on this Glitter Gradient Fairy Tale Nails Tutorial by Pretty Polished.
And perhaps the best way to really tie everything together, if there was perhaps somebody who couldn't figure out just why you're dressed up this way, a pair of red heels should do the trick ;) I didn't wear these to Toronto because this particular pair is one size too big for me XP But I had to show you guys how it looks with the dress and that it's the perfect final staple to really pull off a Wicked outfit.
Couldn't go to see Wicked without getting some cool souvenirs, am I right? I definitely needed to pick up a t-shirt while I was there, and this one here was my favorite out of all the ones they had on sale. I almost bought a pair of socks, but instead I picked up a simple lapel pin, which you can see a close-up of in the second picture near the top. And the round pink thing is actually a luggage tag. I was so sure that I wasn't going to find a use for this, but I have been travelling a bit more, so perhaps I will. In case it's too hard to read, what it says on the luggage tag is "We can't all come and go by bubble" XDD I couldn't resist getting it!
Me on the right, and on the left is my sister-in-law, Brittany.
All in all, we had such an amazing time seeing Wicked on opening night at the Ed Mirvish Theater! Did I also mention that we were sitting in the 6th row of the orchestra? Yeah, I got an amazing deal on the tickets thanks to Facebook :) It was such a great production - the cast and crew were all very talented, Galinda made us laugh constantly, and we were both mesmerized from beginning to end. If we ever got the chance to go again, we definitely would :)


  1. This ENTIRE outfit is just amazingly rad! Totally fierce. :)

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  3. Super cute! I'm loving that dress and major envy over that hat! Sounds like you had a blast!