Thursday, October 16, 2014

25 Years of Popular Halloween Costumes

"How original was your last Halloween costume? This month, go with a classic and grab inspiration from this guide by Personal Creations. Illustrating the past 25 years of popular Halloween costumes, it includes classics like Spiderman and Catwoman to pop culture favorites like the Hangover and Britney Spears. Have you dressed up as any of the costumes below? Be sure to share the nostalgia via Personal Creations." - Julissa Garcia
Popular Halloween Costumes of the Last 25 Years via Personal Creations!
Popular Halloween Costumes of the Last 25 Years
Big thanks to Julissa for writing the introduction for this post & showing me this cool, nostalgic image for me to share! All of the statistics at the bottom of course apply only to America, but it's still interesting wherever you live (assuming you live somewhere that celebrates Halloween) to think about how much goes into Halloween costumes every year. Feel free to share this image off as well, just make sure to include the link to Personal Creations if you do :)

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