Friday, October 17, 2014

5 Characters I'd Love To Dress Up As For Halloween

And another happy Friday to all! I hope everybody's got some great plans for this week. This Friday marks the end of my break from school but I've still got a wedding to attend today and I'll be spending the day getting ready for that (and doing some homework in my hotel room XP). Time for me to show you all 5 characters that I'd love to dress as for Halloween. Let me know what you think in the comments below!
#1: Cybersix
I'm not sure how many of you geeks will have heard of this comic-turned-cartoon that used to air on TV late at night on Teletoon when I was a little kid. I always ended up staying up past my bedtime in order to watch this show, but I absolutely adored it. I thought Cybersix was such a bad ass and I could never really tell if she was a girl when she was in her everyday disguise because she looked so darn much like a guy XD Either way, if I was a little more comfortable in my own skin, enough to pull off a leather jumpsuit and a cool black hat, this would be a Halloween costume I would be all for.
#2: Gary King from The World's End.
Out of all the main character's from Edgar Wright's Cornetto Trilogy, I think that Gary King has to be my all-time favorite. And I would very much like to dress as him for Halloween one year, even if nobody recognizes the costume. It would give me an excuse to wear a wig, wear all black and spout out lines from the movie, seemingly at random XD Anybody else want to collaborate and dress as the 5 Musketeers?
#3: Jenna Marbles as Eve from Epic Rap Battles of History - Adam VS Eve.
This costume idea mainly has to do with wish fulfillment - right now if I tried to put on that costume I probably wouldn't feel all that great about myself. BUT, if I was able to rock something similar with somebody else dressed at Adam and we could both recite this entire Epic Rap Battle off by heart, I think that'd be incredibly fun XD "I made a map, motherf%*$er, and I'm readin' it too! Gives me specific directions how to f%*$ with you!" :P
#4: Elphaba from Wicked
Last month I put together an #ootd that was Wicked-themed for going to see the musical in Toronto with my sister-in-law, and one thing I remember distinctly from that night was a girl in the front row of the theater that had both completely greenified herself and was also wearing Elphaba's dress from the second act, and it was gorgeous. I think this would be a really fun costume to wear, even if I'm not nearly as good of a singer as the many women who have played Elphaba.
#5: Giselle from Enchanted.
I've always loved the dress Giselle makes out of Robert's curtains. I at one point actually saw my go-to site for fully made cosplay costumes, Cosplay House, had the option for a commission on this exact dress. If I wanted to cosplay as a Disney princess, this would probably be my first choice. Plus I'll take any chance to wear a long, red wig :) Now I just have to learn the songs! XD


  1. Another awesome list! I love seeing the mix of characters!

  2. I've always wanted to dress as Giselle. When she makes that dress?! Too cute! And the singing!

  3. Aawww, Giselle would be so much fun! Great list, these would be all great costumes. :D

  4. It would be cool to see how many people realized you were Elphaba.

  5. Awesome list, loooved Simon Pegg as Gary King!

  6. Giselle is the best! I love that dress!

  7. Oh, Elphaba! Great costume, great name!

  8. I LOVE WICKED!!!!! (the musical)
    Elphaba is lovely, and if I could sing like Idina! I would be singing ALL. THE. TIME!!! EVERYWHERE!
    Great list!!!