Friday, October 10, 2014

5 Geeky Clothing Items That I Need In My Closet Immediately

Yay, a post Full of 5 Fandom Friday Fun! XD Couldn't resist a little alliteration there - I'm an English major, sue me :P
For this post I had to go looking for a few geeky items on the internet, and I must say, The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick are cruel for making me want more geeky things that I cannot have XP Curse you, curse all of you! XD Anyway, without further ado, here are the 5 items that I picked.
I'm one of the lucky Canadians that has recently had a new mall constructed near them that contains an actual Hot Topic store, but in spite of that I still haven't set foot into a Hot Topic establishment, nor have I ordered anything online from their site yet XP And yet there are so many geeky things there that I want, it's not even funny. Plus ever since joining House Quinn and then starting to read the Harley Quinn comics, it's been my goal to eventually be able to cosplay as Harley, and I've picked up items here and there. I'd love to get these leggings to wear everyday and I'd have a blast putting together an outfit surrounding these lettings.
This was one of the daily shirts that popped up on TeeFury last month, and I actually came close to buying it - in fact, I thought I had ordered it but there had been an error during the ordering process and I didn't realize it before it had sold out. This shirt reminded me of a Sailor Moon dress I wore when I was a little girl. Now that I've reunited with the franchise through Sailor Moon Crystal I wanted to have another article of clothing with Sailor Moon on it. Suppose it wasn't meant to be XP
#3: "BILL BILL BILL" Sweater from Look Human.
Is this not equally adorable and nostalgic? Happened to find this while browsing on Pinterest one day, and I immediately added it to my Geek Pride board. I would totally rock this proudly and then grin as people in the halls at my school start singing the theme song for "Bill Nye the Science Guy" when they see it :)
I'm a big fan of many of John Hughes' movies, especially Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which was why when I got the chance to order myself a "Save Ferris" shirt off ThinkGeek one year around Christmas time I was so excited. I think I'd love to have this shirt in order to add it to my collection, and I especially like this style of shirt that I could wear with leggings. Plus it kind of reminds me of my favorite character from The Breakfast Club, the Basket Case.
I've always liked the look of stained glass, and I'm wondering how big of a part The Beauty and the Beast has to play in that. These shoes are super colourful and adorable and with all the cool colours in them I bet I could wear them with pretty much anything and they would look great. What I would give to show these off!
A necklace isn't really a geeky item to have hanging in your closet, but on the topic of geeky items I wish I owned, I couldn't resist including this necklace set. Even before the re-make of the movie, I've been a fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, and the movie made by the same director from Moulin Rouge made me love the story even more! I would love to eventually buy these and send the second necklace to somebody else that loves the book and the movie as much as I do.


  1. OK SOOOOO in love with The Breakfast Club tee! I think I need to DIY that!!!

  2. That Bill Nye sweater is amazing and I love it.

  3. Amazing list! I love everything!!!!!

  4. That Bill Nye pullover is awesome. There needs to be more Nye merch.

  5. That Bill Nye sweater is awesome! And I'm so glad to meet another Saints Row player <3

  6. I love it! I'm a bit fan of the Harley tights, the SM tee, and the Beauty and the Beast shoes! Super cute!

  7. Awesome post! Those Harley Quinn leggings are so nice!!