Friday, October 31, 2014

5 Types of Candy I Hope For When Trick-Or-Treating

Happy Halloween fellow amazing peeps! Speaking of marshmallow peeps, it's time for me to dish out what my top 5 favorite types of candy I like to have melting on my tongue, sitting in my belly and rotting my teeth this spooky time of year. Let's get to it!
#1: Tootsie Roll Chew-able Candies!
I used to like Tootsie pops as a kid, but only for the flavored candy portion of the pops, not for the Tootsie roll that sat in the center. Which is why these little delights are perfect, because they're the best mouth-watering candies out there that don't include typical Tootsie rolls at their center. One thing you might not know about me is, when it comes to candy, orange is usually either my favorite flavor or the only flavor of candy in the bad that I'll actually eat XD So the orange ones are the ones that I always go for.
#2: Jersey Milk Miniatures!
Is there anything better than simple yet delicious milk chocolate? And with mini chocolate bars, it always feels like you can have "just one more", even when you really shouldn't! XD Are Jersey Milks a thing in the US too? I'm not entirely sure . . .
#3: Large Sour Patch Grape and Orange Box!
Now right HERE is one of my favorite things about Halloween - this baby hits the shelves! Not only are the size of these Sour Patch Kids a lot bigger than usual, but they come individually wrapped and there's only 2 flavors - orange and grape, meaning there's WAY more orange than there is in your average bag of Sour Patch Kids. My mom and I used to buy these for ourselves and I'd get the orange and she got the grape. It was a great system.
#4: Orange Suckers!
Always a classic - and in my favorite flavor no less! These are what I used to treat myself to if I craved a little sugar between houses whilst trick-or-treating.
#5: Mini KitKat Bars!
Another chocolate classic, but in miniature form! Out of all chocolate bars, KitKat's have always been my absolute favorite, bar none. They're the thing I had to hide from my mother when I brought my candy home because she loved them too. But I let her have all my mini Aero bars, and that usually distracted her enough for me to claim most of the mini KitKat's.

Now I'm craving Halloween candy and chocolate, this is all your fault +The Nerdy Girlie! XD Anyway, Happy Halloween you guys! 


  1. Yes! I put the flavored tootsie rolls in my list too, && even mentioned the orange! I typically gravitate towards orange as well. Like in the Runtz candy, the orange is the best [then the banana].

  2. HA! #SORRYNOTSORRY! Kit Kats ARE the best!!! xx

  3. I'm definitely a vanilla tootsie roll kinda girl.

  4. Oooh I've never tried mini kit-kats! dang, I'm learning about so many new candies this 5FF.