Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Letter to September - 2014

Dear September,

What a month! September has always been among one of the most hectic of months for me - summer is ending, school is beginning, and all that adds up to hell breaking loose. I have been keeping up a solid effort to try and keep up with my school readings this term. I'm doing far from a perfect job, but life is all about progress, and always trying to improve yourself for yourself. In the past I have always found September to be a very definitive month for paving the way to my academic, professional, and personal success, whether it's for the next 4 month school term or even standing as the very beginning of the entire school year.

This month has been a hectic one, and yet I still feel like I am stationed on my feet a lot better than I may have been during the previous month. School is still very satisfying (keep in mind that I haven't had to complete any major assignments just yet), I've made a lot of progress here on the blog that I am very proud of, and I have made my efforts to reach out to my friends in order to be social at times where I truly needed the company as opposed to keeping to myself for too long of a stretch. Anywho, it is time to reflect, and time to look ahead.
September marked the official start of school, and I've done my best to keep up with my school readings. Unfortunately, one class where I've gotten behind is in my Jane Austen course, where we're reading Austen's 6 full novels along with her Juvenelia and her other unfinished works.

Ever since I applied to Brock University I have been excited at the idea of getting into this course, Now I find I'm following the same pattern that I have during my previous 4 years at Brock - starting off enthusiastic then I get to neglecting the reading very quickly. I've always wanted to read Jane Austen's works, and I have a deep love for all of the adaptations that I have been able to take in, but with juggling the other readings I have to do this term, I have been struggling a bit, even with only having 3 courses this term. I hope to kick my butt in gear in order to enjoy the wonders that is Jane Austen very soon. During reading week I have to write a paper on her Juvenelia texts, so I'm looking forward to that.
This month I set out to release a bunch of new content, and I've had a lot of fun with it - my first #ootd post with a Wicked theme, a fun review about why I love The Sims games, and I even participated in my first link-up post Confessions of a Blogger. But what I am the most proud of, by far, is the Geeks Run The World Project that I've initiated. So far I've received quite a few nominations, and I can't wait to spotlight both iggles and geeks alike in order to showcase their awesomeness. It makes me feel really good to get to introduce fellow geeks to other geeks, and I hope that I'll get to showcase more and more people in the future.
Over the summer I ended up getting ridiculously behind on my snail mail, but I am happy to report that in September I have slowly started to catch up again. I finished writing two letters I'd been dying to send out and I finally got my massive Camp Care Package in the mail after a number of delays XP I hope that I'll get 100% caught up within the month of October. Can you believe that I still haven't sent out the prizes from my August giveaways? I plan to tackle that during next week, which is my fall reading week.
On the last Sunday of September I happened to go through something that I was undoubtedly expecting but has nonetheless still not been easy. My boyfriend and I had a long talk about how it wasn't really fair to either of us to stay together while I'm here and he's working non-stop in California, since he's working 12+ hours a day almost every day and he didn't have the time or energy to put into our relationship that he wanted to and it was getting to be hard on both of us. Even with our relationship coming to an end, we're still friends, and I do mean that when I say it. Our parting was completely mutual and neither of us had time to resent one another and we don't have any real problem with each other, so we'll be keeping in touch when we can. I still want to know how his job and his life in California is treating him, and he's still interested in hearing all about what's been happening in my life. This is undoubtedly the easiest breakup I've ever gone through, but I know it's still going to take time for me to be ready to get back out there. Just because things didn't work out doesn't mean that I stopped having feelings for him. I hope that this next month will be one of positive reflection and healing.
Near the end of the month I happened to get this baby in my inbox. I read it on the bus and it took all of the strength I had to not start freaking out. But I managed to exude my energy by grinning ear to ear, calling my mother from the bus to tell her about the email and then posting this on Twitter XD

Almost immediately after that (and during my lecture), I booked my interview at Humber for October 15th. I also have to submit a resume and a 1 page essay before that, which I will be hard at work at the week before my Fall Reading Week. I'm very excited/nervous because I've never had a college interview before, and the program I'm trying to get into is very competitive and I really hope that I get in.

September has definitely been hectic, but I consider it to be a successful month overall. I am very happy with how creative I have been able to get with my blog over the past month and I hope that I can continue to bring original content to my amazing readers. Here's to a great next month! Now that the temperature's dropping, I believe it's about time to break out the hot apple cider :)
Lots of love,


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