Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Everyday Cosplay: L from Death Note

So here's my first attempt at an Everyday Cosplay! For whatever reason I've felt compelled this month to go back and watch the live action Death Note movies, and that of course got me to thinking about my favorite character. I started with his traditional outfit of a white sweater and jeans and built on top of it from there.

Because of L's love for sugar and anything sweet, I have that as a repeating theme, plus the candy-themed jewelry, lip gloss and press-on nails help to add a few pops of colour to this outfit. This look calls for a more intense eye liner, and while L can get away wearing no shoes wherever he goes, us girls need at least a pair of nude flats in order to get around. And what's a better time to use the Manga Mascara then when cosplaying as a manga character? ;)

This was really fun! If you'd like me to take another crack at this, post any requests or ideas in the comments below :)

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