Sunday, October 19, 2014

Everyday Cosplay: Shaun from Shaun of the Dead

Ever since writing about characters that I'd love to dress up as for Halloween, I've been thinking about the characters from the Cornetto Trilogy (and I've also been itching to re-watch Shaun of the Dead again XD).With that in mind, I decided to put together a quick set on how I would put together an outfit to cosplay as Shaun.

I was tempted to pick a pair of blood-spattered white heels for the shoes, but then I realized that it'd be very hard to run in a zombie apocalypse in those, which is why the red converse were the next best choice. If you plan on running from zombies for longer than Shaun had to though, I'd recommend a shoe that's a little more on the orthopedic side, but that's just me . . .

Shaun doesn't wear glasses, but I do, so I couldn't resist adding in the blood-spattered frames/And all of the makeup - that being the nail polish and the two samples of lipstick - are blood red, so they're very fitting. If you accidentally get some of your makeup spattered on your shirt you don't have to worry about it because it's completely in character. Plus, I think Shaun might've handled himself better if he had a copy of Max Brooke's famous Zombie Survival Guide, so I threw that in.

Of course you need to wield a cricket bat; it's a great weapon that doesn't make too much noise and doesn't need ammo. But a girl could always use a handheld for those dire situations when you're trapped in a pub and are being surrounded, am I right? The bleeding rose pin just looked so nice, and it pretties up the look a bit. Add the red tie, a red name tag, and arm yourself with a frothy, cold pint and you're ready to wait for all of this to blow over :)

Let me know what you think of my take on this Shaun of the Dead cosplay in the comments below! Keep me posted!


  1. I absolutely love Shaun on the Dead and this outfit is amazing. I like the extras like the book and cricket bat and there is somuch blood red, very fitting :D

  2. Love this! That movie is great and this outfit is perfect :)