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Meet Shawna Miller/Scrawny Girl!

Are you all enjoying your Tuesday so far? Now it's about to get even better - it's time to meet another fellow geek! Today I'm introducing you to Shawna Miller, the lady behind the Scrawny Girl Shop, nominated by iggle Overlord Stewie!
"I nominate Scrawny Girl!!!! She rocks!" - Leslie
Short but sweet :) So without further ado, it's time to learn more about Shawna!
TWW(s): So I now I've asked you this before, but as of this moment what are your Top 5 Geek Loves?
Shawna: My top 5 geek loves right now are Sailor Moon Crystal, Animal Crossing, Leverage, OUAT, and reading manga (right now I'm reading Sailor Moon).
TWW(s): I'm loving Sailor Moon Crystal right now too! And I've been eyeing the Sailor Moon manga for months at the store where I work XP

TWW(s): Aside from the Sailor Moon manga series, are you reading any good books right now?
Shawna: Truthfully I'm super behind on my book reading. I'm still reading last month's book from my book club (The NovelTea Book Club hosted by Kristin from My Life As A Teacup), Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger. I really want to finish it and move on to this month's book, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. I want to read all his books, and so far I've only read Stardust!

TWW(s): What does a typical day in your life look like? Where do you go? What do you do?
Shawna: I have a toddler, so pretty much my day revolves around her. We get up around 8 and I distract her with Disney Jr so I can make coffee and turn back into a human instead of a zombie. We have breakfast and I check my email and do some quick social media rounds and it's off to play outside. We have lunch, then it's nap time for Amelia and I work as quickly as possible on orders, emails, blog posts or painting while guzzling another cup of coffee. By the time she gets up, it's time to start dinner and clean up a bit before my husband gets off work. We eat dinner as a family with no phones or TV going. Our evenings are pretty laid back and we usually watch a show while Amelia runs around and plays until it's time for her to get ready for bed. I make a cup of tea and stay up about 1 or 2 AM working.

TWW(s): When in your life did you start to self-identify as a geek?
Shawna: Probably in high school. I already had a major love of anime, but after a knee injury sports weren't taking up all my time and I got more into theater and art. I met different people and realized I wasn't the only one who loved anime, Buffy or cute video games. Life got a lot more fun and a lot less stressful and being a geek was just who I was.
TWW(s): Tell us a bit about your family :)
Shawna: Clint and I met at one of his shows way back in 2006, he was the bass player for the band Thrift Store Cowboys. One of my friends dated the drummer in college and had remained friends and that was how we were introduced. We had a long distance relationship for about a year, then I moved to Lubbock and went on tour with his band. We got married in 2010 on his parents ranch in a meadow, which was just gorgeous. His brother played the Amelie soundtrack on accordion (which was the 1st movie we watched together). Amelia (who we were going to name Amelie) was born in December of 2012, and will be 2 this year. We are pretty laid back, with daily dance parties and the occasional late night trip to Target to play with toys.

TWW(s): What kind of music do you guys play during your daily dance parties?
Shawna: Our dance parties used to consist of The Shins and They Might Be Giants, but recently it's been more Yo Gabba Gabba songs (which really aren't awful because hello Jimmy Eat World, Mates of State and all sorts of other hipster indie rock bands have played on the show!). Amelia also loves "Let it Go" from Frozen, so sadly I have to listen to it a lot, but now she's trying to sing the lyrics which is just too cute.

TWW(s): If you could travel to any place, real or fictional, where would it be, for how long, and why? It can be a foreign country, the world of your favorite novel, sky's the limit!
Shawna: This is the hardest question because there are so many places that I want to go! I would really love to go to Japan and just stay there forever. I just love everything about their history, culture, food and all the kawaii things! I'd also like to visit Seoul because I watch a lot of Korean Dramas and find it super interesting . . . also kimchi, I want to eat all the kimchi!

TWW(s): It's been SO long since I've watched any Japanese or Korean dramas! What are some of your all-time favorites? Tell us about them!
Shawna: I actually wrote a blog post about some of my favorite Korean Dramas/crush on Lee Mn-Ho that you can check out here.I always recommend City Hunter if you like action/romance or Lie to Me which started off super funny. I really could go on about Korean Dramas . . .
TWW(s): Tell us about any pen pals that you have right now!
Shawna: I have a pen pal from Australia and ne from Scotland. They are super cute and I'm in the process of sending them some Halloween goodies because apparently Halloween isn't a thing in their countries. I love learning about where they're from and how cool it is to be all the way across the world and have similar interests.
TWW(s): What's your favorite part of the snail mail process? Writing the letter? Decorating the envelope? Maybe you enjoy licking stamps, no judgement if you do :P
Shawna: My favorite part of the snail mail process is finding cute cards/stationary and of course decorating the envelope. I have an addiction to washi tape and I recently started using my own stickers to decorate. I also like cute stamps! I have my eye on all the sets from AshleyG.
TWW(s): I share your addiction to washi tape - it's just way too much fun to collect and decorate with!
TWW(s): Explain to the lovely people how you first got started with your own business.
Shawna: After Amelia was born we decided that I would just stay home with her, and Clint got a job using his degree (and retired from the band). I have always dreamed of working from home and doing something art related (besides teaching :) ). During nap time it felt weird just sitting around watching Netflix, so I started to make dolls for fun using a pattern I had made several years ago for gifts. An online friend asked if I could illustrate the cover of her next zine, and I fell in love with drawing and painting again. I found a lovely community of other makers who helped me grow as a business person and artist. It's almost been a year since I started Scrawny Girl, and right now couldn't see myself doing anything else.
"More candy corn earrings in the shop! I'm glad you guys like them! Thank you! https://www.etsy.com/listing/206345173/candy-corn-earrings-plastic-earrings
TWW(s): Do you have a favorite moment/memory you've experienced as an iggle? Tell us about it!
Shawna: I've recently met so many iggles online, and it's just wonderful to talk to people at any time of the day about anything (usually fun stuff!). So I think right now my favorite experience is the iggle community. Everyone is super supportive and sweet. It feels like we've been BFF's forever, and I hope that anyone who is scared to join the IGGPPC will read this and know that they're your people and they'll embrace you :)
TWW(s): I hope so too :D

TWW(s): Look at the new Iggle anifesto and tell us your favorite line from it, or which line you'd most like to apply to yourself, and then tell us why.
Shawna: My favorite line is"I will proudly be myself." Being true to yourself is important, and it's something you shouldn't have to think or worry about. It's definitely one of the things I want to impress on my daughter. I've always walked to the beat of my own drum and I believe I've been happier for it.
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