Saturday, October 18, 2014

Re-Watching Gossip Girl - Season 3

I'll start off by saying that season 3 of Gossip Girl has never been a favorite of mine. In fact, it's probably my least favorite if I was pressured to put them in order, from best to worst in my own mind. That doesn't mean that there aren't definite moments of the third season of this show that I thoroughly enjoyed - both the first time and with re-watching it again!
Serena & Nate
"Up until now, your biggest concern is whose hair is shinier" - Chuck
I think that quote probably sums up their entire relationship XD Sure they obviously have history and they're adorable together and they're both so good looking that it physically pains the rest of us that are decidedly average - but that's really it. I don't know about the rest of the world when they watched the season 3 finale, but I wasn't all that broken up over their break-up.
Much like Serena and Nate's relationship, I'm also going to add here that I wasn't all that happy with how the relationship between Dan and Vanessa played out as well. The threesome plot with Hilary Duff's character whose name currently escapes me was hilarious, and how it led into Dan falling hard for Vanessa was pretty great, and that whole period where he secretly loves her and then is finally able to be with her is great - but once they're together, I'm just not feeling it.
Jenny: From Little J to Totally Cray
To be honest, "Cray" is one of my least favorite "words" out there, but the word is perfectly suited for what Jenny ends up becoming throughout the 3rd season. The world of the Upper East Side really changes Jenny for the worst, and she goes from being the bitch queen of Constance to an attempted boyfriend stealer to becoming one of the most heartless manipulators on the show - much, MUCH worse than any of Blair's schemes! This change in character marks the end of having Jenny as a regular character on the show, which at the time was due to Taylor Momsen taking more time to pursue her music career. With how awesome the music by The Pretty Reckless is, I think the sacrifice of one of my favorite Gossip Girl characters was probably worth it.
Blair and Chuck
Even with how weirdly into games and schemes this couple is, these two start off with one of the more stable relationships that we've seen on the show. The same could be said for Rufus and Lily, but it's easy to see just how quickly that decides to fall apart, even with their wedding. I must say that I really like the evolution and de-evolution of this couple. If one had to choose "sides" with regards to how their relationship fell apart, I'd have to say I'm on Blair's side; Chuck's argument that Blair didn't even know about the deal doesn't really stand, and he has no right to be angry at Blair for what she would've done in order to save his hotel if he knew perfectly well what she was willing to do, and it was that knowledge that was the basis for the deal in the first place.

As much as I love these two together, I'm glad the second season ended with them apart; with Blair standing by him when all the drama with his mother went down, things were getting too loving and pleasant in the realm of Blair and Chuck. Now Blair and Serena are off to Paris as two single girls - and two best friends - to have an unforgettable summer!

When I get back from this wedding in Kitchener where I've been since Thursday, I plan on starting in on watching season 4 - as soon as I get my homework done that is :P So look forward to my thoughts on the 4th season :)

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  1. Ooh... Little J. I agree with you. She has gotten out of control by the third season. She doesn't even resemble the sweet-faced girl that was introduced to the show in season 1! I liked Serena and Nate together but for me, it just wasn't working, either. I'm a die-hard Serena-Dan fan so that's probably why. Lol. The season 4 of "Gossip Girl" is better than this one, I think. Blair and Serena's time in Paris strikes me as funny. Happy watching when you do! :)