Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday Wish Lists #1

I've seen so many versions of people blogging about their favorite things, or the things they wish they could have - in my opinion it's like they're re-writing the lyrics for their own version of "If I Had A Million Dollars" by The Barenaked Ladies :P (Whaddup Canadian band reference?!) I've wanted to give this a shot for a while now, so here is my own version!
#1: "Stitches Necklace" from WeirdlyCute on Etsy
I first spied this unique piece of jewelry from Nerdjoy's blog post titled "13 Shops With Spooky Halloween Jewelry" Ever since I read that post and spotted this particular choker, I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. I know for a fact that if I had this necklace I'd wear it for purposes other than for cosplay, and would probably just wear it to seminar one day for the heck of it XD And since the recent events within the web series Frankenstein MD I have been thinking of this necklace more and more. I really do wish I could buy this XP
I adore vlogger/blogger/internet personality Zoella, aka Zoe Sugg from the UK, and I recently treated myself to a few of her products from her brand new beauty line. I picked up one of the make-up cases, the bubble bath/shower gel and one of her fizz bars to make my bath time a little more special. The signature scent contained in all of these products is absolutely amazing, and I can't get enough of it. Unfortunately, there are rules in Canada about shipping liquids in glass bottles, specifically perfumes or any other kinds of fragrances. It makes me really sad, because I love perfume and I would love to have this scent as part of my collection :(
#3: The Shakespeare Stealer Series by Gary Blackwood
These are books that I read when I was still in grade school, and I found them really interesting and very imaginative. Truth be told, I only figured out a few years ago that there was a 3rd book in the series Shakespeare's Spy, so now I have to re-read the first 2 books and then check out the 3rd one! Thing is, grade school was a long time ago, and these books are kind of hard to find now, both tucked away in a box somewhere in my basement and in regular book stores. One of these days I need to make myself order all 3 books in these series so that I can re-enjoy this part of my childhood.
You'll probably figure this out pretty quickly as I keep doing these Wednesday Wish List posts, but I have something of an obsession with dresses. Some girls like Carrie Bradshaw moon over shoes, and that's how I am with dresses. Ever since discovering ModCloth, I have spent far too much on retro and vintage-style dresses and other adorable clothing items. This dress in particular is one that I would love to own at some point (luckily it's out of stock in my size right now, which my wallet appreciates XD). You can't tell from the photo, but the piano skirt actually has pockets! How awesome is that?!
SO MUCH WANT! Gotta love Scrawny Girl for being undoubtedly awesome and making stickers exclusive to our amazing iggle community. I could definitely use this amazing sticker set on letters that I send out to others iggles. But knowing me I'd probably want to keep all of these for myself and I'd stick them on my laptop or something else I own XD

Let me know what you think of my first installment of my Wednesday Wish Lists in the comments below. Do you want to covet any of these super sweet items for yourself too? Keep me posted!


  1. Oh! I love those Scrawny Girl stickers! And that stitches necklace is perfect for this time of year! Great list!

  2. Awww...thanks for loving my stickers so much and including them in your wishlist! xo