Friday, November 14, 2014

5 Smart Phone Apps I Cannot Live Without!

Happy Friday everyone! There's a bunch more link-up #5FandomFriday fun to be had! Now let's talk smartphone apps! Just to give you guys a bit of info first, I have an Android phone, specifically an LG G3, which I adore for many reasons, most of them having to do with how high quality the camera on the phone is :) Anyway, let's chat about apps!
#1: Kik Messenger! Because I have a few friends (specifically my roleplay partner) that lives in the states, I use Kik Messenger because it's a free way that we can message each other back and forth, without a character limit. It does require a WiFi or 3G/4G connection, and there is the downside that you do tend to get a large number of spam messages from guys or girls sending you winking emoticons. but it serves its purpose rather well in spite of that.
#2: Dumb Ways To Die Game! I'm not sure how many of you have seen the original video that was originally a video advertisement/public service announcement made for the Metro system in Melbourne, Australia, but it's pretty funny, plus that song is almost guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Just like the song, this smart phone/tablet game is highly addictive, and also a lot of fun. If you've never tried it, it's a game made up of a bunch of fast-paced mini games where you have a single different objective with each one. Maybe you have to quickly spell the word "Patience" or you need to draw a squiggly line of mustard on top of a hot dog or summon all of your restraint in order to NOT push the big red button that pops up on your screen. I do play this on my smart phone, and I have a high score that is nothing to sneeze at, but I will say that playing this game on a tablet is both a lot more fun and you're less likely to accidentally mess up, and you'll probably end up with a much higher score.
#3: Twitter App/Widget! For me, the easiest way for me to get into the mindset of Twitter is by using the widget on my phone where I can scroll through a handful of Tweets from those that I follow (along with about 3-4 advertisements, always listed in a row XP) and then I open up the full app so that I can read even more, or even to type out a Tweet of my own. I find it highly useful :)
#4: YouTube App! Oh how grateful I am for getting YouTube notifications! Whenever a channel I'm subscribed to released a new video, my phone is always so kind as to let me know. I'm a bit behind with my web series and my vlog watching right now because of NaNoWriMo, but if it weren't for those notifications or having access to YouTube on my phone I'd be watches a lot fewer videos than I normally would.
#5: QuickMemo+! This is an app that came with my new LG G3 phone that I upgraded to this past August. Since getting it, I don't know what I would do without it. It's a great note-taking app that is completely free, no matter how many notes I want to make in a day. I use it for everything from grocery list to novel ideas to brainstorming for upcoming blog posts and projects. This is an invaluable tool and I'm so glad that it was more or less handed to me when I acquired my new phone. Now we are inseparable :)

I am very, very interested in hearing about other people's favorite smart phone apps, so please let me know in the comments, either my just telling me about them or by participating in this link-up as well and posting a link to your own post. Keep me posted!


  1. Dumb Ways to Die sounds like so much fun! I will definitely be checking that out! I think if I had chosen to write about smartphone apps (but I kind of hate my smartphone and I only use like 4 apps to begin with), Twitter definitely would have been a part of my list!

  2. I really like the Capture app from You Tube, you can upload your videos right to your account from it. It is quite handy for when I am at a concert! xx

  3. Dumb Ways to Die game! Love that game!!! It's so stupidly addicting! :)

  4. Oh, Dumb Ways to Die! My children love that game. I haven't had the time to try it yet, but you make it sound fun!

  5. The YouTube app is so handy! Also Dumb Ways To Die is such a fun game :D

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