Saturday, November 15, 2014

All Of The Updates!

Hey, look! It's a random post showing up out of the blue, giving you guys a quick update about what's been going on in my life. Because of NaNoWriMo, on top of school and other life-related stuff, I haven't been as present on social media and on my blog as often as I would like to be. A lot has been going on lately, and I thought that a few of you might appreciate a little update in a format that is different from my monthly letters that I tend to post at the beginning of each month.

Some of the things I'll be writing about here are updates that relate to just me, but others will relate to other geeks, specifically those geeks that live in my area, so it might be worth it to stick around and skim through the entire thing.
This logo probably isn't going to mean much to anyone reading this, but to me it means a great deal because it's the logo and name of the school that I will be attending through spring and summer of 2015. I found out yesterday (during a NaNoWriMo write-in of all times) that I have gotten in to the Creative Book Publishing Program that I had recently applied to and had interviewed for throughout the past few months. This is a big deal for a number of reasons. It means that I am one step closer to becoming a full-fledged Book Editor at some point in the future. It means that this coming spring I will me moving out of my childhood home, quitting my job and moving to"the big city" to pursue my dreams in a fast-paced, high-demand academic environment. It means that this little geek that has been writing in this little space for almost a year is growing up! XD

I want to thank everyone that extended their congratulations to be, both on Twitter and on the Facebook page. To not only be happy about something on my own, but to also know that others are happy for me and are proud of me, This is a very exciting time in my life, and in many ways this can be seen as a potential beginning of my life, which is huge and pretty scary. To be completely honest the news hasn't really hit me yet, even if I'm able to write about this in a matter-of-fact way.
For those of you that haven't heard about this group before, Geek Girl Brunch was originally founded by 6 geek girls living in the states, and has quickly begun to form into a great community that has spread from that one brunch to other brunches taking place in all corners of the world! The girls behind Geek Girl Brunch actually co-hosted an event at New York Comic Con recently with the IGGPPC, so perhaps you heard of/attended the recent Fan Girls Night Out.

Different chapters for Geek Girl Brunch have been popping up, not just in other states but also in other countries all over - now including Canada :) When I first found out about this great geek girl tradition I was dying to get involved, so I volunteered myself a few months back. Now I have been named one of the Officers for the Niagara Region/GTA Chapter! The starting date for this chapter has not yet been announced - it's still very much in the earliest planning stages. One thing I do know is that I need at least one other Officer, living either in the GTA or in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. I do have a few people in mind that I want to ask, but I thought that I might also post about the position on here. This position requires a definite commitment, and I would like to have at least one officer that has a familiarity with Toronto which I do not possess.

If you live in one of these areas and are interested in becoming a GGB Officer, you can comment below or contact me directly at  kcrules48[at!]
For anyone that's wondering about how I've been doing during my first ever experience with NaNoWriMo, I'd like to think that so far that it's been going pretty well. As of this moment (and I haven't yet reached my daily word goal but will be doing that next) I have reached 16,056 words! Sure, I'm supposed to reach 25K words today and therefore it's clear that I'm quite behind, but I've still produced 16,056 more words than I would have if I hadn't been participating in NaNoWriMo. I'm planning on attending the Night of Writing Dangerously in my home region this coming Wednesday, and my hope is that I will be able to catch up very soon, I have a personal goal for myself to try and reach 50K by November 28th. That way, when I leave for Aurora on the 29th for the Cruise Family Christmas Party, I can wear the Novelist pin that came in my novel writing kit and proudly share that I won :) That's the dream anyway XD
This book above is one of my favorite YA novels, one that I have started the tradition of re-reading every year close to or during the holiday season. With NaNoWriMo taking place right now I probably won't get to start seriously re-reading this until December. That being said, I have begun to plan a little project, for all you lovely readers, that centers around this book.

Has anyone ever watched a Christmas movie where a family is gathered together, usually around Christmas Eve with their tree already decorated and a fireplace roaring somewhere in the background, where somebody in the family is reading aloud from a copy of Twas the Night Before Christmas. This is a storytelling tradition similar to my personal holiday tradition of re-reading Dash and Lily's Book of Dares, only there's no oral tradition involved. Until now.

This year I will be adding a true storytelling element by creating a Holiday Storytelling Series where this book is going to be read aloud and published as a series of videos, involving a little bit of voice work and some costume theater, but it's not going to be a dramatization as much as a creative oratory. There are going to be 20 of these videos, one for each chapter, and they will be both uploaded to YouTube and published on this blog (for those that are wondering about the copyright issues of this project, I've gained the permission from both authors to create these videos, so no need to fret).

Odds are this will be a project that I will be undertaking all on my own, changing costumes and altering my voice slightly for both the narrative characters. However, I am open to the idea of making this into a long-distance collaboration is anyone is interested in pitching in! Have a video camera? Interested in reading as Dash or Lily for one or multiple videos? Want to help in some other way? Then I welcome your input! Contact me in the comments or via email. This book is readily available to order through Amazon or through your local bookstore, and even if you're not able to help out I still recommend this to everyone I know. It's a hilarious read.
Aside from the storytelling series I've discussed above, for a while now I've been talking about wanting to do something on YouTube that somehow connects to this blog. This is something that I hope to accomplish in the New Year, either in January or in February. So far I don't have much of an idea about what I want to do. I know I enjoy vlogging, and I also enjoy talking to others (or a camera) about the things happening in my life or the things I am interested in. But aside from that, I don't really know how to connect them to the material in this blog.
Should I just create and upload personal vlogs?
Should I become a BookTuber?
Should I discuss some of the things I've learned as an English major and do something similar to Lindsay's Library's Creative Non-Fiction series?
Obviously there are a myriad of choices. But I figured that instead of bogging you down with all of the options, I would instead open the floor to you guys, to hopefully help and give me some ideas. What sorts of videos would you like to see from me? I aim to please, and I will grateful to any sorts of videos that you recommend I should try creating. Whether you want to hear my thoughts on certain topics or learn more about the girl behind the words, fee free to voice your feelings and opinions to me :)

And that is all for this random update! If you have anything to contribute towards any of the aforementioned topics, please comment or email me at your earliest convenience. Keep me posted!

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