Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 3: Gifts Galore! - #RandomActsOfKindness

Day 3 of #RandomActsOfKindness is officially underway! Who's excited?! I know I am!

This might be self-explanatory, but one thing that makes a lot of people smile more than anything is receiving a gift. And of course you can't forget that giving a gift brings a smile to our own faces, making it a win-win scenario for everyone :) And you don't have to break the bank in order to spread a little gifted kindness either! Here are a few of the things I did this week in order to spread some kindness to a few people that deserve a little extra love with a ribbon on top.
Baked Goodness! Everybody enjoys a sweet treat now and then :) And with this Random Acts of Kindness project, I wanted to do something nice for a few of my closest neighbors. I tried to think of one thing I could make for all of them that they would appreciate, and then it hit me: Chocolate chip cookies :)

These will be going out to my neighbors tomorrow, with a little note telling them that the cookies are there for a Random Act of Kindness - wouldn't want them to feel bad, or like they have to reciprocate. One tip I can give if you choose to do this, depending on how close you are with your neighbors, is that you should pick up a few pretty boxes from the dollar store to put your cookies in when you leave them for your neighbors. That way you're not leaving them pricey Tupperware that they either have to wash and return to you or that they choose not to return at all, and you're out a decent-sized cookie container :( Also, if you do this, putting all the cookies you've made into a Ziploc bag first will help to keep them fresh, especially if your gift has to wait until your neighbors return from work.

These ready-to-bake cookies from Pillsbury are of course quick and convenient, but feel free to do a little something extra if you're in a baking or cooking mood :)
Get Crafty! Maybe you have a creative side to you - now would be a great time to break out the paint and paper-mache and make something really nice for that special someone. If I had a little more time this month I intended to paint a box (like the one seen above) as a special gift for somebody important to me, but alas time and the force were not on my side. That doesn't mean that other creative people out there can't put a little something together, whether you paint or sew or draw or make really cute sock puppets. Even making a nice little card for someone is a great way to bring a smile to somebody's face!
Don't Forget The Crew! In the Broadway (or West End) production that is your life, you shouldn't forget the stage crew that make everything you see around you possible. Giving a little something to them, to thank them for all the hard work they do, a small gift such as a gift card is always appreciated.

Who do I mean when I'm talking about the stage crew? Basically anybody that you encounter that's on the job in your every day. I myself have picked up some gift cards for the Cineplex for our newspaper carrier, our mail carrier, and one extra in case we have any packages delivered during the week. With the amount of letters and packages I send and receive, I felt that these snail mail officers needed a little something to make their days a bit better. I figured getting gift cards for the movie theater was a safe bet, since almost everyone enjoys going to the movies :)

Here are a few more suggestions on how you can gift your way to Random Kindness :)

Standing in line to order your cup of coffee? On top of paying for your own order, slip the cashier a $20 and instruct them to use that pay for the order(s) behind you. Everybody likes free/cheap coffee :)

If you live in a bigger city with a homeless population, it might be nice to buy somebody a hot meal. Or, you could also make one or even a few Homeless Care Packages to hand out. There are plenty of resources on the internet for different kinds of care packages to hand out to those who are in need.

Why not call ahead to work and get some coffee orders and bring them in? Or you can even bring in some donuts (or a box of Timbits if you live in Canada) for your co-workers to enjoy!

Look forward to tomorrow, where I'll be going over some more Random Acts of Kindness related to donations! Whether it's gifts, money, or just your time, tune in tomorrow to find out some great donation ideas. Don't forget to use the hashtag #WrittenWordsRAK if you decide to try any of these ideas on your own! Until next time, I'll keep you posted!

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