Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday Wish Lists #4

What's up, fellow Wish Listers? C'mon, admit it, whether you've got them listed on your blog, stashed in a notebook or Word document, or tucked away on Amazon or your favorite online shop, even if it's just knocking around loosely at your head, we've all got that list of items that we want to have but can't have just yet. And as we get closer and closer to Christmas time, a lot of you might be asked that reliable question, "What do you want for Christmas this year?" - That's where these lists come in handy! Without further ado, here's this week's list.
#1: Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham! Ever since we put this book on the shelves at the store where I work, I've been eyeing it. Not only did it debut on our shelves as a $20 hardcover, but this collection of essays from the lead actress and writer of Girls looks like it would be a very entertaining read. Normally a collection of personal essays isn't exactly what I would reach for when looking for a new read, but ever since I picked up The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan I have found a love for this genre and I hope that I will get the chance to pick up this book and laugh aloud at Dunham's characteristic humor.
#2: Saturday Night Thrive Dress from ModClothI'm a sucker for a good skyline, ask anyone. Which is why I totally wish I could own this dress and then rock it for a night on the town. I do know for a fact that I have a bit of an addiction to ModCloth, and I have Christmas to save up for, so I should probably take a breather from online shopping as a whole and just stare at this pretty dress from afar.
#3: Dead of Winter Board Game! Oh my goodness do I want to own this game! Ever since watching the play-through of Dead of Winter done by the team behind Board with Life, I have wanted to try this game out for myself with my friends. I've probably watched the playthrough by them at least 3 times by now. Plus I know from Wil Wheaton's Twitter account that there will be an episode of TableTop dedicated to this game, which will also be a great playthrough to watch. My girlfriends and I are currently obsessed with playing Betrayal at House on the Hill, and I'm hoping that with the huge number of characters involved in this game that they'll also bring about a roleplaying experience when they try this game out. (Update - I ended up breaking down and getting my brother to buy this game for me as a late Birthday present XD Get to play it for the first time tomorrow. So excited!)
#4: Blogger Pencil Pack from PopCultPencils on Etsy! I'm not exactly sure whether or not I'm a big deal on my blog or not, but I still wouldn't mind having this set of pencils in my possession :P I'm wondering if I would use these to draft blog post ideas in my notebook or if I would just use them at random times in order to illicit a smile or chuckle from the people around me.
#5: A shred of the film making talent currently possessed by +Yulin KuangSome of you may not know this, but back in the day I wanted to be a film maker - specifically a film editor - and I had my friends help me with all sorts of video projects. Well, mainly I just carried around my video camera and filmed random shit, but it was ARTISTIC! Okay not really XP Anyway, after watching Yulin's newest short film I Ship It for the third time (and then buying and downloading the song Horcruxes and putting it on my iPod), it made me want to dig out my camera again and either make videos or vlog about nerdy and quirky things. I also had the urge to write I Ship It fan fiction, and I have never written fan fiction in my entire life - so that was an interesting feeling XD

Let me know what's on your current wish lists in the comments below!

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  1. I've never watched Girls, but this book keeps popping up everywhere so I might need to add it to my list! Let me know what you think if you read it before me :) Great list! xo