Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday Wish Lists #5

One great thing about creating these weekly wishlists? It's going to help me a whole bunch when I finally sit down to write a longer Christmas wish list that will get sent off to my family members :)
#1: Leather Festival Utility Belt from CosmicCelt on Etsy! I am very slowly in the process of putting together my very own Steampunk costume ever since I attended a number of Steampunk-themed panels at FanExpo this past year. The idea I had for my very first Steampunk character is an herbalist, and so I thought that this belt would work perfectly for my costume! The pockets could work as herb pouches (and maybe one could discretely hold my cell phone? :P).
#2: Chain the Rules Hair Comb from ModCloth! Come on, try and tell me this thing isn't gorgeous! XD It's such a unique item that I'm not even distracted by the idea that I can't think of how to do my hair in a way to make that hair comb stay in place :P
#3: Some people to play Power Grid with! I do have a group of friends that I regularly play Tabletop games with, but they prefer games that have at least some roleplaying/character qualities to them,so we regularly play Betrayal at House on the Hill and Dead of Winter together. But Power Grid is more about resources and it's strategic in some ways to Catan, which is a game that one of my friends absolutely detests. Plus I got a new board for Power Grid for my birthday (one side is Japan and the other side is Russia. It's a longer game to play (at least 2 hours, and that's just with 2 players), but I still find it really fun, and now that I don't have a boyfriend that enjoys playing this game, I'll have to find someone else that wants to play it with me.
#4: Bee and Puppycat inspired earrings from FangirlyStorm on Etsy! Now that the first episodes of Bee and Puppycat have finally been released, I can gush about how much I adore this show! After seeing the original shorts I ended up being one of the Kickstarter backers. When I found out that some of my favorite celebrities like Ashly Burch and Hannah Hart were involved in the production of the series, it made me love it even more. You need to watch the show immediately! And then what you should do next is buy me these earrings :P
#5: "BILL MURRAY T-Shirt" by nimbusnought from RedBubble! I think this item is self-explanatory.

Let me know what's on your wish lists! Do you also put together a list of things to give others for the holidays? Keep me posted!

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  1. I'll play Power Grid with you! But you'll have to teach me the rules...