Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday Wish Lists #6

Happy Wednesday everybody! Hope you're enjoying your mid-week traditions. Me, I am probably sitting at a write-in right now hoping to get ahead of the curve on my NaNoWriMo word count. Wish me luck! And in the meantime, take a look at my wish list for this week!
#1: I WANT TO SEE INTO THE WOODS IMMEDIATELY INSTEAD OF HAVING TO WAIT UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! That's probably self-explanatory, but I'm going to get into it anyway. I adore Meryl Streep, I adore Johnny Depp (although I don't find him attractive in the same way that other people seem to), I adore Emily Blunt, and I also adore Anna Kendrick, and for so many reasons I want to go and see this upcoming movie.
#2: "Love Post" from LaPapierre on Etsy! Isn't this stationary adorable? :) I found it when I discovered the Pen Pal of the Week blog & Twitter account. They had a giveaway containing this stationary. I didn't end up winning that giveaway, but I've continued to lust after this stationary XD
That giveaway also made me very aware of something: Upon entering the giveaway, I had to answer whether or not I preferred lined or unlined stationary. I found out that while I love decorative paper, with how crummy my handwriting is I typically need lines to write on in order for my recipients to be able to read what I've written for them.
#3: "Harley Quinn Underwear Set" from Hot Topic! These not only look pretty incredible, but I bet these are super comfy too. Saw these in a recent Hot Topic email newsletter, and felt that this was something that I should definitely share with you guys. I used to have a Superman set with a top like that and shorts. The top was reversible too. Unfortunately, my dog ended up eating through the bottoms XP She has a terrible habit of eating through any underwear that I accidentally leave lying around. Once during a vacation she ate through a pair of my jeans too, which was pretty darn annoying. If I ended up getting a pair of these, I would definitely try and keep them as far away from my little Pomchi as I possibly could.
#4: The chance to hug Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella! This past Sunday I finished reading Zoe Sugg's first ever novel, Girl Online, which I have been anticipating since I first learned about it. I adore watching Zoe's videos, especially her daily vlogs, which I am currently very far behind on XP Either way, on Saturday night I couldn't sleep. Mainly because I was stressed about my own writing. I wanted to quit NaNoWriMo so badly but felt like I couldn't, and I was thinking about other projects I would rather be putting my energy into and the fact that I have bigger school assignments coming up, and basically I was just stressing out and perseverating until I was in tears.
I knew I needed to calm myself down, and I remembered the copy of Girl Online I had picked up just hours before while I had been out Christmas shopping. I'd already read a couple chapters during one of my breaks at work, so I was starting on Chapter 3, and I just let myself sink into the world that Zoella created. It spoke to me as a blogger, it spoke to me as somebody who also suffers from anxiety and the rare panic attack (thank goodness), and it spoke to me as a girl who is looking to improve her situation, not to please somebody else but for myself and myself alone. If given the chance, I would just really like to give her a hug, tell her how much I enjoyed her book, let her know how much I'm looking forward to all she will write in the future, and most importantly I want to thank her for writing Girl Online and being brave enough to share it with the world. Btw, I will write a review of Girl Online once I have a free moment.
#5: "Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger" from ThinkGeek! Why? Because awesome! Also, because science! And also, because Popular Culture! :P I think those are three perfectly acceptable reasons XD

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  1. There's a Pen Pal of the Week blog?? That paper is so adorable! My favorite radio station was just talking a few days ago about the adult Underoos at Hot Topic! Apparently a pair of the Superman ones have a cape on the back, which that idea makes me laugh myself silly!