Friday, December 26, 2014

5 New Years Blogging Resolutions

Happy Friday you guys! Sorry that this post is a bit late, but I needed a little extra time to really think about what I was going to write about here. I hope all of you have enjoyed your various holidays, and I hope those that are still celebrating various holidays are enjoying those as well. On the 20th, The Written Word(s) turned 1 year old, and I hope that my blog will continue on to exist for many more years to come, and I hope to still be posting actively and providing content that people can learn from, enjoy, and take inspiration from. In order to make that happen, I believe some blogging resolutions are in order!
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#1: Keep Up A Regular Blogging Schedule. Over the past few months, upon the recommendations of many other wise bloggers, I've begun writing my posts over a week or two in advance, and it has definitely taken some of the pressure off. I'll be sure to keep up with that habit so that I don't find myself getting too overwhelmed. Also, I know that I need to add more to my blogging schedule aside from writing posts well in advance; I need to comment on other blogs more than anything - and Twitter time can be beneficial for the sake of my blog, so I would call it being productive rather than procrastination ;)
#2: Go Out Into The World & Share My Experiences With YOU! This coming year I will be embarking on a multitude of changes happening all at once. After I finish with my undergraduate program I'll be leaving my hometown, my job of 6 years and my volunteer work, all to move into a dorm room and starting a 4 month Creative Book Publishing program. With all that change going on, I'm going to need all the support and regularity that I can get. I'm hoping that this blog will act as my main creative outlet at that time, and I also hope that I'll get to tell you guys all about school and being away from home from the first time and eventually how life will be once I'm completely done with school. It's going to be my biggest adventure so far, and I can't wait to take you all with me!
#3: Keep Trying New Things! If I had a crystal clear idea of what The Written Word(s) was supposed to be after only a year, I'd consider it a kind of superpower XD As I keep trying new things and seeing how people react to certain posts, I find out what works and what doesn't. I also discover what sorts of posts I enjoy the most compared to others. If I keep trying to play it safe, it's not going to be fun for anybody. Whenever an idea pops into my head, I like to see it through as often as possible, even if the result is a bit of a flop.
#4: Challenge Myself! Staying in my comfort zone isn't going to do me any favors, on my blog as well as in my everyday life. I think one key to trying some new things and getting a few blog posts out of it is to take on a few new challenges this year. During 2014, I participated in a photo-a-day challenge and a reading challenge. I may still complete the reading challenge, but I have unfortunately slipped too far behind in the photo challenge. Still, that's 300+ photos that I may not have taken otherwise! For that, I am rather proud of myself. I'd like to read more, see more, do more, and therefore write more.
#5: Collaborate More! I've always been eager to collaborate and connect with fellow bloggers, but in the next year I am going to try to make more of a mission out of finding great collaboration opportunities. Things like link-up posts have been really fun, and I'd like to continue participating in them, but I'm hoping to get into some things such as writing guest posts and finding ways to collaborate specifically with other iggle bloggers. If there are any iggle bloggers reading this that might be interested in a fun collaboration, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email!
BONUS: INSPIRE! My #1 goal with this blog since the very beginning has been to seek inspiration in others, and to in turn figure out a way to inspire others. I enjoy creating content that brightens people's spirits and makes their days just that little bit better. So overall, I hope that I will be able to achieve that in the future. And if I can't achieve that in 2015, there is still hope for other years to come :)

What do you guys think of my blogging resolutions? Am I leaving anything out? Is there a particular resolution that you strongly approve of? Keep me posted!


  1. I love the idea of collaborating! Your list is really great and I am now ashamed of my own. I'll love your blog regardless of what you do with it in the future, but I am excited for what the new year will bring!