Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Meet Jen / SparkleGirl!

Happy Tuesday everybody! It's time for another Geeks Run The World interview! Today's a special treat, because we'll be getting to know Jen, aka SparkleGirl, one of our amazing IGGPPC Overlords!
This nomination came from none other than myself. Not only is Jen an awesome Canadian like myself (Canada represent!) but she works so hard for all us iggles and she has a great attitude and I'm constantly looking up to her as an overlord, as a blogger, and as a geek girl in general. So without further ado, time to meet Jen!
TWW(s): As of this moment, what are your Top 5 Geek Loves?
Jen: 1. Lumberjanes comic book - I've been devouring each issues that's come out. I just cannot get enough of the writing and the story lines and the awesome friendships in it.
2. The Walking Dead - Since the new season has started back up, I'm back to discussing the plot and what I think will happen with anyone that'll listen to me.
3. Christmas - I geek out of Christmas every year and now that Halloween is over, I'm diving right in . . . movies, music, crafts, decorations!
4. Disney Tsum Tsum - I recently got most of the IGGPPC staff playing this app and it's made this game even more fun. My obsession to collect all the characters is intense.
5. Ready Player One - I just finished the audio book and it was so good! The writing was amazing and Wil Wheaton does a fantastic job narrating it. I can't stop recommending it to people.
TWW(s): That audiobook has been on my to-listen list for a while, can't wait to finally give it a try :)

TWW(s): If you had to describe yourself in 5 words, what would they be? Why those words?
Jen: 1. organized - I have learned that I am an organizational freak while working on my own projects and for IGGPPC
2. catlady - This is self-explanatory and technically two words. Either way it's me!
3. cute - I have an addiction to cuteness and I am to be cute. It's my way of life.
4. motivated - Most days I have a giant to-do list and I love working through it. I love feeling productive.
5. supportive - I try my hardest to always be there for friends and family.
TWW(s): What does a typical day in your life look like? Where do you go? What do you do?
Jen: It depends on the day. I work part-time at a retail job so my schedule is all over the place. But when I'm not at work, I'm working at home. I keep a calendar where I write in to-do lists on each day, which can range from sewing, updating my Etsy shop, pairing pen pals for IGGPP, applying to craft shows, or setting up achievements on the IGGPPC site. I try to find balance using a calendar to schedule things because I could easily spend all my time working on something. I make a point of scheduling date nights with my husband or giving myself an evening off to catch up on current TV shows.

TWW(s): If you could travel anywhere, real or fictional, where would it be and why? A foreign country, the world of your favorite novel, sky's the limit!
Jen: Oh, there's so many places I'd like to travel! I'd like to visit Hogwarts and Hogsmede (via Disney in real life and the fictional world), Japan and England!

TWW(s): Tell us your favorite Sight, favorite Sound, and favorite Smell.
Jen: Currently:
Sight - my kitties snuggling together which is happening more often due to the cold weather.
Sound - my husband playing video games downstairs. I find it comforting.
Smell - fresh coffee on cold mornings.
TWW(s): Tell us a bit about your family/household :)
Jen: I live with my husband, 2 kitties, and an aquarium full of fish. We recently moved into our first house, so it's been a fun adventure decorating and working on DIYs around the house.

TWW(s): Reading any good books right now?
Jen: I recently finished Ready Player One which was great! Currently I'm listening to Amy Poehler's Yes Please audio book which has been fantastic so far. I'm a huge fan of hers and the book has been funny and very honest.
TWW(s): Tell us a bit about how you got started with your online shop.
Jen: I opened my Etsy shop back in 2006 (crazy!). I had heard about it through a friend and at the time I was doing a lot of craft shows, so selling items online seemed like the next step. I thought I'd give it a try and I've stuck with it since then. It's easy to use and I've found a lot of amazing shops on there as well.

TWW(s): What is it like being one of the IGGPPC Overlords? Does the job come with a cool throne or any sweet laser gadgets?
Jen: It's seriously a ton of fun and also incredibly inspiring. Working alongside talented, hilarious, sweet ladies is my favorite thing as an Overlord. There are ongoing discussions and a never-ending to-do list to work on for IGGPPC. But I love that. Everyone brings something different to the table and we've been able to come up with some sweet ideas. I'd like to think the rest of the staff are my cool gadgets . . . each one provides me with something depending on the day, whether it's a laugh after a hard day, photoshop help with a project I'm working on, and friendship and support which keeps me motivated for IGGPPC and Sparklegirl things.
TWW(s): What is your favorite part of the snail mail process? Writing letters, decorating the envelope, filling up a package with goodies, licking the stamps, etc.
Jen: I love searching for the perfect goodies and treats to add to packages! I try to squeeze in as much as I can into every envelope. And I have an insane sticker collection so there's usually a sheet of stickers inside or the envelope is covered with them.

TWW(s): Do you have a favorite moment/memory that you've experienced as an iggle? Tell us about it!
Jen: I would have to say it was during our first birthday when iggles were writing in and making videos about IGGPPC. Talking about how it changed their lives. It hit me hard just how we're affecting people's lives, connecting people all over the world and helping create friendships.

TWW(s): When in your life did you start to self-identify as a geek?
Jen: I spent my childhood and teenage years playing video games and spending hours on end building Lego cities with my brothers. I guess it hit me during my college years when I started watching friends and other girls my age go out to clubs and spend their money on high-end clothing and all I wanted to do was stay in and have Mario Kart marathons and spend money on character t-shirts.
TWW(s): Tell us about any pen pals you have!
Jen: Well, I write to a lot of the staff members and we swap things like tea and candy often. But there's also a couple f other ladies that I've sent cards and parcels to over the years, and surprisingly I didn't meet them through IGGPPC, but through social media and blogging. I guess because I already had a couple of pen pals, I felt enthusiastic about IGGPPC since I knew how much fun and supportive having friends around the world could be.

TWW(s): Look at the Iggle Mnifesto and tell us your favorite line from it or which line you think you'd want to most apply to yourself, and then tell us why.
Jen: This is hard because I seriously love every line in it! Umm, I guess "I will proudly be myself." As a 30 year-old geek who doesn't have a full-time professional career, I sometimes find myself defending who I am, what I do, my interests, and my choices in life. Surrounding myself (even if just online) with other amazing geeks, has made me more and more proud of who I am and what I do. I will not be shamed for collecting toys or watching My Little Pony. The IGGPPC has taught me to be proud and to do what makes me happy.
Want to get to know Jen? You can find her on:
Let her know how awesome she is & to keep up the good work!


  1. Now we know who to blame for Disney TsumTsum :P I'm trying to collect as many of them as I can too.

    I really need to read Ready Player One too from all the suggestions. Do you find that you prefer audiobooks over reading a print copy? I have a hard time processing audio books.


  2. Yes, I'm to blame for the Iggle Tsum Tsum craze!

    I love audio books! But I listen to them while cutting out projects, sewing, and ironing. Activities that I can do while focusing on the audio.