Monday, December 22, 2014

YouTube Video Ideas

As a few of you know, I got started when I first became an iggle as a vlogger that was part of the collab channel vlogiggles on YouTube. It was incredibly fun, and even if the channel is now inactive because of how busy we've all become, I still keep in touch with my fellow vlogiggles as often as I am able. And lately, in spite of my natural anxiety towards being in front of a camera, I've continued to feel that itch to start creating content on YouTube again and somehow have it be connected to this blog - thing is, I don't have all that many ideas as of yet XD

I figured that I would try to open the floor and see if you guys either had some ideas for me that you wanted to put forward, or perhaps you might have an opinion on some of the ideas that have popped into my head as possibilities for videos that I could make. Of course there are plenty of tag videos that I could participate in that would be a lot of fun, so I will definitely try those, but as for the majority of the content on my channel, here are some of the suggestions that I've thought of.
With the reading challenge I have done this past year, it would make sense to make some videos relating to the books that I read. I could track my progress with some new reading challenges with some videos, and I could either use videos to post reviews/discussions about different books, either about random books I've read or maybe as a part of participating in a book club, or maybe I could even start my own for other iggle bloggers/vloggers. I know there's already an official iggle bookclub, but one more wouldn't hurt, right?
General Vlogging
DISCLAIMER: I chose the video above to showcase mainly because I found it funny, and because it's an example of a vlog not necessarily acting as a BookTube video or a beauty blog. I work for a bookstore chain, so I wouldn't actually be allowed to discuss things like quirky customers on the internet, in a video or otherwise.
This is the type of video that I used to make as part of the vlogiggles - sitting in front of a camera, chatting about various topics relating to my life. And yes, with the occasional video tag thrown in. I'm thinking that this would be an easy enough way to go, but I'd definitely be interested in getting ideas from you guys about what sorts of videos I should make and what sorts of things I should discuss on camera. I'm up for teaching you guys more things about myself, maybe doing some snail mail-related videos, and I'd love to ramble about my fandoms with all of you! I remember that the Disney Challenge video that I made with my 2 friends, Melissa Squared, was pretty popular because my friends are hilarious, so I would definitely be up for having my friends in more of my videos. Also, I like the idea of one day starting a Daily Vlog channel, but as of right now my life isn't all that interesting XP I'm thinking that I may start trying to film daily vlogs in April, maybe a few weeks before it's time for me to move to Toronto so that I can share in the experience with all of you :)
Creative Nonfiction
This idea would probably pertain more to a part of a channel as opposed to dedicating an entire channel to this, because this is a genre that I have only recently been introduced to myself. Creative nonfiction is a very under-rated genre of literature. In one of her letters to me, fellow iggle Shelby gave the idea that it would be interesting to blog from the perspective of an English major, discussing literature and what sorts of readings have been assigned, things like that. But this past semester I was recently introduced to this BookTube series by Lindsay's Library, and I was thinking it might be fun to create videos about this genre as I continue to learn more about it. Lindsay also has a creative nonfiction book club, which I have joined, and I'm currently in the middle of the December book. So I thought that trying out these videos might be fun!
Web Series
These types of videos would be made on a bit of a bigger scale, and would therefore be a bit more infrequent, but it's something that I've considered trying lately. One of my friends and I have been discussing the idea of collaborating to write something that can be filmed. The main idea I've thought of pitching is a short video (much like these bit videos from Board with Life) that surround a group of female friends playing board games. We'll get together and start writing in the New Year, and from there we'll have a better idea about what it is we'll want to create, but I thought trying to create something like this and maybe putting out a video a month could be fun.

So let me know in the comments, or you can always find me on Twitter as @KacieCruise, and let me know what kind of content you want to see me create and upload to YouTube. Be sure to keep me posted!

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  1. I like all of these ideas! There's a lot you can do with your knowledge and also your various passions! I was a fan of your vlogs, and look forward to whatever you decide on! No pressure though!