Friday, January 30, 2015

5 Favorite Fandom Accessories

I'm ba-ack! Gotten a little behind this week, and now I'm playing catch-up.This 5 Fandom Friday is one in particular that I couldn't stand to skip, so I'll be chatting about my favorite fandom accessories today and tomorrow you'll get to hear about my favorite funko pop figures (which I often mistakenly call vinyl pop figures, but whatevs). So here we go, my top fandom accessories, go!
#1: Harley Quinn Comic Strip Bangle! This is an item that I debated whether or not to get at FanExpo 2014 for so freaking long that I probably held up traffic in front of that particular booth for far longer than I should have XP In the end I finally picked it up, and I haven't regretted this purchase :) Whenever I need a little more Harley Quinn in my life, I just put on the bracelet. It's a little chunky and isn't easy to wear with my winter jacket, but that's hardly a bother with such a unique piece of jewelry. I included this accessory as part of my recent Harley Quinn Everyday Cosplay that I wore to my first day of class of 2015.
#2: Video Game Earring Collection! It's been a tradition of mine since the very first convention I attended at age 16 that I must buy at least 1 pair of video game-themed earrings. Since then I've continued on with this collection and so far am pretty proud of the results. There are a few missing from this picture, like my Fire Flower earrings and my Portal earrings, and probably a few others I'm forgetting at the moment. The newest pair I've added is the pair that looks like an Xbox copy of Bioshock Infinite, which I've received plenty of compliments on. I also wore my Fire Flower earrings for my university grad photos :P
#3: Bird & Cage Broach/Pin Set from Bioshock Infinite! I received these as a gift on my 21st Birthday from one of my ex-boyfriends. I have used both of these during my time of cosplaying as Elizabeth. I'm tempted to work these into an everyday outfit as well, I'll just need to figure out how to pull it off.
#4: Geeky Retractable ID Badge Clips from Vintage Virtue! Partly for myself and partly to pick up a new and unique prize for one of the 2 giveaways I hosted last summer, I ordered a combination of 5 retractable ID badge clips. I get a lot of use out of these since I need to bring my university ID with me all the time in order to ride the bus to school. 2 of the designs I bought contain a Scott Pilgrim image, one of which I included in the giveaway and the other I kept for myself, which is shown in the 1st picture. The 2nd picture is the Hufflepuff crest, which I used for the months of September and January, since they were my first months back in class and it felt rather fitting. Another design I own bears the Shaun of the Dead logo, which I used for the month of October, and my November design was a portrait of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn :)
#5: The Great Gatsby Tote Bag! This is my go-to bag, especially on Saturdays when I head out for my weekly violin lesson, since it's the perfect size to hold onto my music books and it's still fairly light, with room left over to tuck in my current novel or my letter writing supplies. I actually got this bag free from work. They were going to be scrapped and my co-worker asked if I wanted one. I'd been eyeing them since they came to the store (around the time the new film was in theaters), so I was over the moon to have this bag for myself.
BONUS: Pizza Slice Friendship Necklace! This is a gift I recently received from my friend Morgan. She also gave one to our 3 other friends. When you put them together, they make an (almost) complete pizza. One more slice would've made it complete, but of course there just had to be only five of us :P Even though I'm not a fan of actual pizza (yes, that wasn't a typo, the shot heard round the world, I know), I adore this necklace, and I've been wearing it since I got it last Saturday :)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

#ootd: Harley Attack!

I've been meaning to post this for a while now XD I decided to start off my last first day of classes at Brock this year with a bang, and who's better at causing a big bang than our friendly neighbourhood Harley Quinn? So I put together an Everyday Cosplay with some items I received from Christmas along with a few pieces I've picked up at conventions.
Everyday Cosplay: Harley Quinn
My skin may not be perpetually bleached, but being pale has come in handy for this outfit XD Pared with some red lips, silver and black Hypnosis earrings and a Harley and Ivy portrait necklace I picked up at a convention, I donned my new Harley Quinn print dress to my first lecture of 2015. It was a Christmas gift from my aunt that she picked up at Hot Topic, and I wore it with simple black leggings.

The pig tails fell apart by the time I got to class, but at least the hair, including the red clip extension - on the right side of course :) I made sure to study pictures from the New 52 Harley Quinn comic book series as I put this outfit together. I got many compliments on the red in my hair!
Bad mirror selfie XP
The belt helped tie everything together, and all in all I am very happy with this outfit I've put together :) I definitely plan on wearing this out again, and maybe I'll even feel bolder and up for wearing some black and red eye shadow or something :P The bracelet I wore was a key element to the outfit as well. Here's a close-up of the bracelet when I wore it to a wedding in the fall:
I picked up this number at a convention. It's made from actual comic pages, and it's also got some red rhinestones embedded into the body of the bangle. It's one of my favorite bracelets :)

Let me know what you think of this Everyday Cosplay I put together in the comments below!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday Wish Lists #14

You know you've been a bad blogger when the two most recent posts are both Wednesday Wish Lists :P I apologize for being so lazy with my writing on here lately XP I had a wretched head cold that I'm still getting over, and I'm still adjusting to my school schedule. But my busyness (and my illness) hasn't stop me from browsing online and lusting after things, as per usual XD
#1: Jaws the Two of Us Tote from ModCloth! Now, aside from general awesomeness, there is a particular reason that I have been lusting after this bag - it is incredibly similar to the type of bag carried by one of my favorite YA characters, Rebel from Goodbye, Rebel Blue by Shelley Coriell.
Ever since I read the book, I've been thinking how cool it would be to have a shark-like bag with teeth at the opening just like Rebel, so that I could cosplay as rebel. Plus I have blue clip-in hair pieces, so I can look like her without having to damage my hair more than I already have with dying my hair a bunch of weird colours :P I'll admit, I wasn't sure about this bag, but it was on 30% off on ModCloth, so I ordered it :D I can't wait until it arrives! I'll have to re-read the book and try and figure out what sort of clothes Rebel would wear so I can put together the rest of my cosplay :P
#2: Mittens for Two from warmpresents on Etsy! Even those who are currently hating the idea of dating and romance have to admit that this is a pretty cute idea. Not only would it be nice to own something like this, but it would also be pretty nice to have somebody to walk hand-in-hand with to actually get some use out of that double mitten :P I recently went on a really great date where we visited a couple places in Toronto, and even with it being too cold to walk right now, I can easily picture another Toronto date, walking the streets hand-in-hand, putting this interesting product to good use :) It's a nice picture, if nothing else.
#3: In Your Dreams Gift Set from LUSH! Man, what I would GIVE to have a LUSH located somewhere closer to me XD I see all these videos from vloggers like Zoella and grav3yard girl with these hauls from Lush and these super cool bath bombs and I wish I had easier access to stuff like that. I'm especially a fan of these gifts sets. Truth be told, you get a lot for what you pay with almost every gift set they have listed (at least the ones listed on their Valentine's Day section of their site. In this particular gift set, you get Prince Charming shower gel, which is a pomegranate and vanilla scent, The Kiss lip gloss, and, best of all, the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar :) And you also get the wrapped box! Isn't it all fabulous?
#4: Sweet Your Heart Out from ModCloth! Yes, another item from ModCloth's V-Day sale :) I don't exactly have any Valentine's Day plans (although if I am stuck at home, I'll be doing a Watch Along of the movie Flipped, and I'd love for anybody who is interested to join in! I already have one friend who's in for sure, comment below if you're up for watching Flipped with us on the 14th), but I still think I could rock this skirt proudly, no matter the time of year :)
#5: Howl's Moving Castle & The Wind Rises on DVD! I have seen Howl's Moving Castle many times, and I have owned it. I lent it to a friend of mine and she lost it when she moved to a different house and I'm pretty sure I've never replaced it (that or I got a 2nd copy and then lost it somewhere XP) I haven't seen The Wind Rises yet, but I very much want to. I almost bought these at the HMV on Yonge St, but I'd already spent money in the BMV and at the AGO gift shop, so I made myself stop shopping XD

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday Wish Lists #13

Happy Wednesday, folks! Or, Happy Hump Day, as my mother and her mother tend to call it. I remember giving my mom such a dirty look when she first said that to me, until she explained what it actually meant XD 
#1: Awesome Workout Racerbacks from Look Human! Next week I'll be starting with a weekly Zumba class at my school, and I thought that it might be fun to look at some nerdy-themed work-out clothes. Flipping through the selection of Racerbacks on Look Human had me laughing for a good hour XD The ones listed above are a very small selection of my favorites. I would've picked one to order, but unfortunately they only sell tops that are a size L or smaller :( Oh well! I'll just have to dance around in my Zumba class with a nerdy spirit on the inside :P
#2: Coin Drop Necklace from ClassicDesigns on Etsy! The main reason I added this necklace to my Love List on Etsy is, not going to lie, because it's similar to the kind of necklace Mackenzie wears in pretty much every episode of The Newsroom. That and it's the cheapest version of the necklace that I could find XD
Of course this necklace is still pretty pricey, and that's without factoring in the fees that Etsy regularly adds on to each and every purchase, but I may still be tempted to pick this up for myself one day, when I really want to splurge.
#3: Bee and Puppycat Pink Roleplay Sword from ThinkGeek! I don't even think I would have much of a purpose for this weapon, since I don't plan on cosplaying as Bee - but regardless, I still want it. And I want to USE THE SWORD AS A SWORD!!! XD
#4: Through The Post Clutch from ModCloth! I NEED to own this! And I need to get it along with that Yours Truly dress that I featured in another Wednesday Wish List. That is all.
#5: All the time in the world to play Gat Outta Hell! This expansion for Saints Row IV just came out today on Xbox (yesterday everywhere else in NA), and luckily it happened to be released on my day off :) Unfortunately I do have to go to work later, so it's not a full day off. I truly do wish I could just stay glued to my 360 controller until I've beaten this thing. I've been looking forward to this for a while now, and I'm so excited to play! This game includes a lot of amazing Saints Row lunacy. It also includes an awesome musical number! Don't believe me? Take a look!
I'll be very happy when I reach this point in the game XD But in the meantime, I have seven deadly and sinful weapons to play around with, including an arm chair loaded with guns! Yes, you guessed it, that one represents Sloth :P

Friday, January 16, 2015

5 Conventions I'm Dying to Attend

Happy Friday, folks! Glad to be back to 5 Fandom Friday posts after taking a little break last week to chat about the video game that I'd been completely obsessed with for a solid week or more. Now I get to gush about conventions with you guys! A lot of conventions, specifically the massive and truly epic ones in the states, are included in my overall bucket list of a happy, fandom-filled life. A lot of these cons are pipe dreams at this point - I'll need a steady job and an even steadier paycheck in order to get to the states for some of these cons. I sincerely hope that day comes, and I hope that I'll get to meet a bunch of amazing geeks and iggles at these cons once I finally get there :P
#5: LeakyCon! The videos that I have seen from LeakyCon are incredibly entertaining, and those are just of the group performances XD From what I've heard, this convention is an incredible experience filled with all sorts of fandoms - but especially Harry Potter :P I feel like I'll need to actually read the HP books or I'll get stabbed upon entering this con, so that's definitely a thing I'll need to do.
#4: New York Comic Con! From what I've heard, NYCC is the biggest comic con around. It's not that I've never been to a comic con before; I visited Niagara Falls Comic Con for the first time last year, and it was basically just a big dealer's room with a very small number of events. I already know for a fact that NYCC has a bunch of awesome events. At NYCC 2014 there was an event co-hosted by the IGGPPC and Geek Girl Brunch, which I wish I could've attended so badly. Hopefully if the IGGPPC co-hosts another event, I'll actually get to attend and meet some more iggles in person!
#3: Penny Arcade Expo! Luckily there are different PAX held all over the place, and the way I see it, eventually there will be a PAX close enough to me that I won't have to live off bread and water for a month in order to afford the expo pass, hotel and air fare. I'm hoping that the PAX I'm able to attend will be one that Anthony and Ashly Burch are also attending - it would be so amazing to meet them!
#2: VidCon! Not only would this be an incredibly convention to attend in order to meet all of my favorite YouTubers, but as somebody who hopes to get back into vlogging very soon I'm hoping that one day attending this convention will double as a networking opportunity for me :) There are a few people that regularly attend this con that I would love to meet as well, such as @BeccaBumblelee and Katie Campshure.
#1: You knew it was coming . . . Of course SDCC would be on this list! How could it not be, right? What self-respecting nerd wouldn't want to experience this nerdvana at least once in their life? Well, I suppose nerds that really don't do well with crowds would want to steer clear, that would make sense . . . Either way, this con is definitely #1 on the bucket list. I want to check out panels that I've only ever watched online, I want to take in the miles of exclusive merchandise, and I'd love to network with a bunch of people that attend this con that I've only ever met online, such as the amazing ladies that are a part of the Female Geek Bloggers G+ community, and especially the awesome-tastic ladies Liz Lockley & Mia Moore, both adorned in their first class cosplay :) I have a possibly unrealistic goal of hoping to attend SDCC 2016, but you never know unless you try, am I right? Let's see how it goes!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gaming Nostalgia - From The Gaming Enthusiast

The story of how somebody goes from first picking up that NES/Super NES/Sega/N64 controller (or that Game Boy) to knowing for a fact that they are a gamer, through and through, is different for everyone. Everybody has a particular console, game, and even a type of snack or a particular soundtrack, that sums up their experiences of first becoming a gamer. I was directed to revisit my own experiences with first becoming a gamer thanks to the good people at Man Crates.
The whole concept behind Man Crates is you are sent a whole whack of goodies in a custom-made wooden box that has to be opened with a crowbar. How awesome is that?! They feature a bunch of different types of gifts for men to send to that man in your life, from custom NFL bar ware to a hot and spicy crate to a golfer's crate and even a whiskey connoisseur crate. One of the most popular crates they sell is the Retro Gaming Crate, so even that nerdy man in your life can be gifted to something special!

Anyway, back on topic: Here is the story of how I first became a gamer.
When I was growing up, my older brother owned all of the gaming consoles in the house. Which meant that getting one-on-one time on any game was incredibly rare.

But so long as I wasn't being a pestering brat, I was allowed to watch as my brother played his games. I had the most fun watching when he played N64 games, since that was the system hooked up in the living room and I wasn't allowed to go into his room to watch him play Tony Hawk on the PS1. He would play Perfect Dark and Star Fox 64 and Goldeneye 007. My favorite game to watch him play, the one I wanted to play myself the most, was Banjo Kazooie. Even to this day, while some people have difficulty sitting and watching a game being played, I've never minded gaming as post an interactive and a spectator sport.

The few times I was allowed to play with my brother, it was so that I could become target practice when he played Goldeneye, which was not the greatest experience. But when my dad started taking me along with my brother to rent movies and games from Blockbuster, I decided to pick up a few games that were better suited to my child-like sensibilities.
I figured out the basic workings of a game controllers from a varying series of Rugrats games, most for the PS1 that I was allowed to use after my mother made my brother let me into his room to play my rented games. I know these seem quite lame to anybody that grew up playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games on their Super NES (which my brother had, which I also wasn't allowed to play), but for a little sister that didn't own her own gaming console and had to share with her brother, these games were actually a lot of fun. And I actually beat one of them, which I believe was titled "Totally Angelica" XD

Eventually I did come to own my very first video game, and a while after that I owned my first gaming console, but before that happened, I came into contact with a game that I would solely define as one of the game of my particular generation. I was nowhere near 17 years old when I played it, nor was my brother, but this M rated game was a big part of both our childhoods. This game is known as Conker's Bad Fur Day for the N64.
This game was vulgar, inappropriate, highly offensive, and at the same time, incredibly awesome. This game put to shame the days where my mother was upset with me for playing my brother's copy of Grand Theft Auto 3 because she thought it was too inappropriate for my age. Conker set the bar for ridiculous games, and is oddly enough one of my favorites from my childhood (people of Man Crate! Definitely take note of this game - it'd be quite the addition to one of your Retro Game crates).

One distinct memory I have with this game is playing it with one of my older cousins, Benny. We played with one of the multiplayer campaigns, in which you can either play as the Jewish squirrels or the Nazi teddy bears - you can guess how the layout of this game might go. On my cousin's insistence, we always played as the teddy bears, one of us running around shooting and another one of us manning the massive gun at our HQ. I remember that when we won (and we played about 10 times in a row that day) it ended with the squirrels huddled in a cage with the teddy bears marching around. If you listen carefully, as they march the teddy bears are reciting the Oompa Loompa theme from the original Willy Wonka movie.

If you needed real proof of how offensive this game can get, that's it right there XP Nevertheless, as an ignorant young girl just opening up to the world of video games, getting to win against the squirrels and then excitedly high five my older cousin is a memory that remains with me to this day.
The first game that I ever received as a gift, the first game I ever owned, was Banjo Tooie for the N64. I might not have owned the console that it was played on (which meant I still needed my brother's permission or my mother's intervening in order to play it), but it was still a game that was all mine. Later on, when I would come to own an Xbox 360, one of the first games I downloaded for it was Banjo Tooie, which I love playing for purely nostalgic purposes.

Both Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie are highly nostalgic games for me; the characters and the situations they end up in make me laugh, and there's enough of a challenge to the levels that make this game a far cry from a "little kid's game", even if the content is appropriate for kids. Even nowadays, if I'm sitting at my Xbox instead of my N64, playing Banjo Tooie and munching on some Spicy Doritos which have been a favorite of mine since childhood, it brings me back to the days of sitting on the floor, neck craned up to the TV screen, purple or silver N64 controller in hand, having fun on a Friday night and making the transition into the gamer I am today.

Later on I would receive a Nintendo Gamecube for Christmas, which would be my first gaming console, and it would be one that I would rarely have to share. Those games were all mine, but if I want to pin down when I first became a gamer, it would be when I was either playing rented Blockbuster games with my brother's (or mother's) permission, or even when I would be sitting with my brother and watching him play his games.
Both of the Retro Gaming crates that Man Crate offers - the original and the Super Retro Gaming Crate pictured above - include a plethora of nostalgic treats and even some playable games to send you right back to a time when you were just beginning the transition into becoming an adult gamer.

Man Crates is definitely a site you should check out for that special man in your life - geek or otherwise - and if you have any interesting stories or memories related to when you first were introduced to gaming, let me know in the comments below :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday Wish Lists #12

Happy Wednesday, folks! It's nice how Wednesday ended up being one of my days where I have no classes. That gives me time to surf the web and take a look at all of the cool things floating around out there that I could potentially own. ALL OF THE THINGS!!! XD Anywho, enjoy this week's list!
#1: Nuns on the Run Board Game! I happened across a copy of Nuns on the Run when I was visiting one of my local board game stores with a friend of mine. I thought this game looked hilarious, plus it wasn't too silly. It has a full blown board and everything and the whole point is to sneak around at night to give into temptation any way you see fit - including indulging in chocolate cake! - and sneaking back to your bedroom without getting caught. I happened to be at the same board game shop yesterday, and the game was already gone XP Shouldn't have hesitated to buy it over the weekend. Lesson learned!
#2: Another square frying pan for when I move into my dorm! This baby here is what I use to create the food that is basically my life source for when I'm at home; Grilled cheese. That's basically all I eat half the time XP And I've become an expert at cooking them too, plus I specialize in a bunch of different variations of the grilled cheese sandwich. Anyway, a regular circular pan will not do for my level of "culinary prowess" so I'll be looking to get another frying pan soon. Thing is, there a bit difficult to find randomly in any store around here, so starting now until April I am on a mission!
#3: Hot Topic has a Steampunk line?! What the what?! When I got the email about Hot Topic having a Steampunk line, I was so freaking excited, you have no idea! A lot of these pieces are modern with a Steampunk twist (a few of them are even Nightmare Before Christmas-themed) but there are a few select pieces that could potentially be added to a real Steampunk costume! There's even a few pieces for men! I'm thinking that I need to nab at least one of these pieces to help complete my Steampunk costume - perhaps one of the corset-mimicking pieces, so that I don't have to blow a crap ton of money on a corset until further down the line.
#4: A book-themed Throw Pillow for my Dorm Room from RedBubble! One nice thing about the dorm that I will eventually be moving into is that the beds are the exact size of the bed I sleep in now, which means I won't have to go out and buy myself new sheets. That also means I have a tiny bit of wiggle room in my budget, and I'd like to pick up one or two decorative pillows for my dorm room, especially if they're book-themed. If there's one thing I'm looking forward to with regards to my dorm, it's getting able to decorate it and to really make it mine for the short time I'm going to be living there.
#5; Waitin' for the first episode of Muzzled The Musical to air . . . Muzzled is currently in production, and cool photos have been popping up all over the web for about a week now. I'm pretty sure that there may be only 3 episodes because they didn't make terribly much on their Kickstarter (which they totally should have, btw! Check out this Kickstarter video:
nuff said). Even with their possibly being only 3 episodes, this production has so many actors that I love. I'm a huge fan of both Ashly Burch and Ashley Clements (and I get BOTH of their autographs thanks to the Kickstarter perks!), and there's also Mawell Glick and Mary Kate Wiles from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries along with a bunch of other popular actors from across the internet (many that I've seen in this company's earlier production, starring a lot of the same people, School of Thrones). This is going to be a YouTube sensation and I only hope that this group will continue to make more! Especially with the same actors! XD 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Nameless - From The Gaming Enthusiast

For a while I've been wanting to write about video games, but I wasn't sure how - over and over when I have chatted about video games with people, from fellow geeks to potential dates, I have given myself the title and the definition of a "Gaming Enthusiast" - somebody who really enjoys playing video games, who can geek out about games at a moment's notice, but that isn't necessarily very good at them. And I realized that that, right there, is my hook, my unique perspective on gaming. Most people that write about games have at least a decent amount of skill, whether it's only regarding one platform or one genre of gaming, and I have a few games that I have beaten in the past, but overall I play games as a way to have fun. And when I write about games, I'll be enthusiastic about how fun they were for me.

And I thought, because people who read my blog are so used to me reviewing books, that I would start with a game I recently completed that is more of a visual novel than a video game, and it's called Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~
Here is a game that I randomly came across on Steam when I was browsing the other day after class. Mainly it was the reviews of this game that convinced me to buy it, because they spoke about there being so much more to this game than the surface level. Plus the words "visual novel" were mentioned, and you know me; I can't turn away from a good book :)

So you might me asking what exactly this game is, and I'm going to tell you: This Korean-made game is structured like a typical dating simulation game, or dating sim as it's commonly called, that are rather popular in places like Korea and Japan. The 5 boys that the main character has to choose from appear in the beginning very much as stock characters. However, you cannot judge this game solely based on the Prologue and on how these 5 handsome boys appear when you first meet them: The narrative is incredibly detailed, the characters are unexpectedly deep and each have their own underlying psychosis, and while it might not look like it, this game can get very dark, and very twisted. Not to the point that will turn you off, but just enough to keep you hooked - and maybe enough for you to shout, "WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!" at your laptop and in your sleep after you've unfolded a particularly disturbing scene ending in a Game Over screen.

For any other English majors that might be reading this, with the way each story line reveals different aspects of the overall story with each new character your MC gets close to, and with the different choices you have and the paths you can take, this might almost be an example of a visual hypertext as well as a visual novel, which is very exciting.
Let me tell you the premise of the story line that Nameless will unfold for you: The main character (who has a pre-set personality, but whom you are allowed to personalize with your own name or any name you choose) is a high school freshman who lives by herself since her grandfather passed away (her parents are researchers that have lived away from her for work since she was 5). She does have 2 best friends that she attends Clover Academy with, but she can't be her true self with them because she's keeping a big secret from the rest of the world, and that is that she has a fondness and a hobby for collecting ball-jointed dolls, and she owns 5 of them.

Lance, the silver-haired doll ~ Red, the red-haired doll ~ Yeonho, the yellow-haired doll ~ Tei, the brown-haired doll (it looks more orange/natural red head in the game, but oh well) ~ Yuri, the black-haired doll.

In a non-creepy way, when the MC comes home she greets her dolls, tells them about her day, expresses her worries for them, etc. Then one day, without any sort of warning, her dolls have suddenly come to life and have turned into real-life, living and breathing (and bickering) men! Well, technically boys - Yuri is the only adult among them.
With this story line, obviously there is a lot of hilarious hijinx at the beginning, but the game isn't solely compromised of that, I promise you. But there is plenty to get you laughing in this game, as all of this game's characters, both the main and the supporting, are incredibly entertaining. One main element that is the basis of the game's underlying story line relates to the importance and the loss of memories, and you'll be chewing at the bit to play all 5 story lines in order to reach the story's conclusion.

The music for this game, while repetitive after a while, is always perfect to set any mood (the music you get during certain "bad endings" is really freaking creepy, which is the point). The text is in English and is translated well, so there's no worry about having to read choppy English like in online translated manga pages. All of the voice acting is Korean, and you are able to turn off the voices, but I do honestly like the unique voices of each character (every time I hear Yuri say "My honey" in English amid all of the Korean I can't help but laugh out loud) so I recommend that you keep them on.
For those that are thinking about trying this game, I have some advice and some general tips. 

#1: People on the internet have recommended a play order for each character's story line so that you get the overall story fed to you in the best possible order. This recommended order is Lance, Yeonho, Yuri, Tei and then Red (you can't play as Tei until you've finished 1 of the first 3 story lines and Red isn't unlocked until you've played the first 4). However, I played this game in a different order and it didn't effect my overall enjoyment of the game, so honestly it doesn't matter. If you're a perfectionist/completionist with games, go with this order, but if you just want to have fun, go with what you feel.

#2: While this game does give you plenty of choices at random intervals, if you want to progress in the game to the "happy ending" (or to unlock all of the bad endings, which can honestly creep you out if you've started to get attached to any of the characters) there is a right answer to each question. In the opening chapters, the answers you give have to positively affect your relationship with one of the boys over all the others, and that is when that boy's story line is triggered. Don't let this scare you away from having fun; just play around with it, and if you're worried about making the wrong choice, you can Quick Save or create a new Save File for that moment and always go back to it to change your mind later.

#3: Worried about going through the opening chapters three times just to jump-start a new character's story line? No problem! There's a skip button! You can either auto-skip so you don't have to click along or quick-skip through dialogue that you've already read. One great feature is the quick-skip button will only skip over text that you've already read. If a new section is added to the opening chapters that wasn't revealed in a previous story line, the skip feature will stop so that you don't miss any new details that might be important later.
#4: If you have any heart at all, you will eventually find a personal favorite among the 5 boys. For me, that favorite was Lance, the first story line that I played through. At first I thought I wasn't going to like him (shallowly, I wasn't big on the long, straight hair - probably reminded me of Ayame from Fruits Basket). But I decided to play as him first because I was drawn the most to his personally, and I was not disappointed. The way Lance was able to grow and change moved me, and he is without a doubt my favorite doll :)

#5: If you are somebody that normally skips cut-scenes in a game, or if you are someone that doesn't like emotional components to be part of a game, then this isn't the game for you. Instead of action sequences and loot, this game is all about the characters, and the story. I'm giving you fair warning right now: This game has plenty of feels!

#6: I'm not positive where else this game can be downloaded, but with regards to its current listing on Steam, it may be considered a little pricey. When I bought this game, it was listed as $38.69 Canadian. There is a different way to look at the cost of the game though: First, think of the average price of a book. Then consider that this game is basically 5-6 books crammed together. From that perspective, it's a bargain!
#7: This game contains two types of mini-games that you will have to play depending on which story line you're in. There's a card matching game, which is really easy, but in every story line there is a  10 question quiz you have to take, asking true or false questions about the characters but also about basic facts. It is timed, and can be annoying, and while it may not seem important to pass with flying colours, always save before taking the quiz and keep re-taking it until you receive an A+. It will help you unlock some of the cool extras included in this game, which I'll chat about in a minute.

#8: You shouldn't be afraid to get personal with this game! What I mean by that is, when you first set up the game, you are asked the name of the very first toy you ever owned. Can't remember the name? Well, that's sort of the point. Regardless, don't be afraid to use the name of your first toy. Also, if you're up for it, use your name for the main character. This way all 5 hot boys are talking directly to you. It might seem weird at first, but it helps to bring you into the story that little bit more for that extra blanket-level of immersion.

#9: There is one thing about this game that bothers me, and it isn't technically part of the game itself: As part of the end screen each time you finish a character's story line, the tag line for one of the companies that created the game is displayed, and it reads: "Sweet Solutions for Female Gamers." For many obvious reasons, this tag line bothers me: it's making an assumption about the kind of games that women are equipped to play. But that opens a whole other can of worms, so I will not get into it, but I do know that it's wrong. I will add that I hope this doesn't make you look at the game itself in a negative light.

Another quick thing I'd like to mention is that this game has plenty of extras you can lock, and that doesn't just pertain to additional endings. One fun thing you can unlock is pages from the diaries of many different characters - not just the 5 boys, but 5 of the secondary characters as well! Although I can't think of who would want to see what the creepy teacher Mr. Yujin takes the time to write down in his diary . . . *shudders*

Anyway, I highly recommend this game for anybody looking for a good story that's unpredictable, has multiple sides, and isn't afraid to get serious and dark when it needs to.

Now let me ask: What should I chat about next? I'm a big fan of Telltale games, and those might be fun to gush about. I'm also a die-hard Saints Row fan, so that's definitely an option. Also, the same people that put out this game have another similar game I believe, which I'm tempted to buy. If you have any ideas, please post them in the comments below.