Thursday, January 1, 2015

Top Commercials of 2014

Over the past year I've come across a few different TV commercials that have made me pause before flipping to another channel, and I've either laughed or sang along or even cringed in some sort of indirect shame. I thought it might be fun to share a few of these commercials with you guys! And I encourage you to do the same as well - blog about your favorite/least favorite commercials of 2014 and share a link to your post below. Feel free to create your own categories as well. In the meantime, here are some of the commercials that caught my eye this past year.
#MorningWin! Catchiest Commercial of 2014
From the first moment this commercial popped onto my television this past year, I loved the quirky woman exhibited singing this incredibly catchy tune (that, it turns out, she didn't write). This commercial always made me smile, and I even learned the song! What a catchy tune! There have even been some parodies posted on YouTube, which are quite creative.
"Pee Happens"?! Most Annoying Commercial of 2014
Really? REALLY?! Ugh. If there was ever a cringe-worthy commercial airing on TV this past year, this one definitely fit the bill. Ever since the release of the U by Kotex commercials (and the hilarious video by Canadian vlogger Superwoman titled Girls On Their Periods), we as consumers have become aware of how obnoxious those commercials for tampons and sanitary napkins can be when filled with these cheerful, angelic-looking women, and the same goes for commercials that advertise incontinence underwear. This commercial not only has that aspect, but it ends with the tagline "Pee Happens." If they were going for shock value they certainly got it, because hearing that in the middle of your regular run-of-the-mill women's commercial makes you do an immediate double-take. Even so, it's completely ridiculous, and it bothers me.

One reason that this commercial bothers me so much, and you girls out there might agree with me or you might think I'm nuts, is that it supports the confusion that is shared by men regarding other types of products that Always sells, specifically sanitary napkins. Perhaps you've seen videos, either in the days of health class or more hilarious versions on YouTube, where both boys and grown men incorrectly identify the purpose of sanitary napkins. In my experience, unless a guy has been asked by his wife/girlfriend/daughter to go out and buy her pads during their time of the month, most guys will never be 100% solid on knowing what women use sanitary napkins for. Even if this commercial is for incontinence underwear, the liners are so similar to sanitary napkins that the existence of that tag line in the commercial is more than likely going to add to that confusion among the opposite sex. Again, maybe I'm crazy in thinking that, but it's just my opinion.
2 Birds With 1 Stone. Most Progressive Commercial of 2014
And no, I am not labeling this commercial as "progressive" strictly for the reason that this Tide commercial showcases a homosexual couple, although that is a part of it. For every commercial out there that features a heterosexual couple, the more commercials like this that get out into the world always help to spread a general message of equality. I'm not sure if this is only a Canadian commercial or not, for any American/International readers who have seen this TV ad, let me know! Anyway, there are other reasons I've decided to call this ad progressive, and the main one is the reason that this commercial helps to teach men out there - all men - that washing something multiple times, whether it's clothes or dishes or whatever else, isn't the same as cleaning something. It also teaches them that bargain shopping isn't always a bargain. Here's to men learning valuable life lessons! XD Not to mention the line at the end of the extended commercial, "Like your ex?" is just friggin' hilarious :P
Romantic Airport Scene? Funniest Commercial of 2014
It's simple - it's elegant - and it's clever. I didn't see this commercial until later this year, but it's one that made an impact. This ad is based off the trope of the man running through the airport to profess his love before his lover boards the plane, and it twists it around in a hilarious way. Maybe it's not a funny commercial from start to finish, but the amount of laughter that came from me from just that one joke and how the scene falls apart afterward are enough for me to rank it as one of the funniest commercials of this past year.

What commercials from 2014 were your favorite? Do you think I missed any? People all over the world are fed different television advertisements, so I'd love to hear what you guys would label as your favorite TV ads. Share the link to your post with me and I'll showcase them below!

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  1. Great list Kacie. :) Love the airport one! You're right, so simple, but hilarious!
    Haven't seen Morning Win, but it's so cute.

    There's also that parent calling in sick to their small children one that makes me laugh. It's for cold medicine I think. And the Apple commercial with the granddaughter remixing her grandmother's song and then gifting it to her via iPod. Really touching.