Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday Wish Lists #13

Happy Wednesday, folks! Or, Happy Hump Day, as my mother and her mother tend to call it. I remember giving my mom such a dirty look when she first said that to me, until she explained what it actually meant XD 
#1: Awesome Workout Racerbacks from Look Human! Next week I'll be starting with a weekly Zumba class at my school, and I thought that it might be fun to look at some nerdy-themed work-out clothes. Flipping through the selection of Racerbacks on Look Human had me laughing for a good hour XD The ones listed above are a very small selection of my favorites. I would've picked one to order, but unfortunately they only sell tops that are a size L or smaller :( Oh well! I'll just have to dance around in my Zumba class with a nerdy spirit on the inside :P
#2: Coin Drop Necklace from ClassicDesigns on Etsy! The main reason I added this necklace to my Love List on Etsy is, not going to lie, because it's similar to the kind of necklace Mackenzie wears in pretty much every episode of The Newsroom. That and it's the cheapest version of the necklace that I could find XD
Of course this necklace is still pretty pricey, and that's without factoring in the fees that Etsy regularly adds on to each and every purchase, but I may still be tempted to pick this up for myself one day, when I really want to splurge.
#3: Bee and Puppycat Pink Roleplay Sword from ThinkGeek! I don't even think I would have much of a purpose for this weapon, since I don't plan on cosplaying as Bee - but regardless, I still want it. And I want to USE THE SWORD AS A SWORD!!! XD
#4: Through The Post Clutch from ModCloth! I NEED to own this! And I need to get it along with that Yours Truly dress that I featured in another Wednesday Wish List. That is all.
#5: All the time in the world to play Gat Outta Hell! This expansion for Saints Row IV just came out today on Xbox (yesterday everywhere else in NA), and luckily it happened to be released on my day off :) Unfortunately I do have to go to work later, so it's not a full day off. I truly do wish I could just stay glued to my 360 controller until I've beaten this thing. I've been looking forward to this for a while now, and I'm so excited to play! This game includes a lot of amazing Saints Row lunacy. It also includes an awesome musical number! Don't believe me? Take a look!
I'll be very happy when I reach this point in the game XD But in the meantime, I have seven deadly and sinful weapons to play around with, including an arm chair loaded with guns! Yes, you guessed it, that one represents Sloth :P

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  1. Oh, I love everything on Look Human! Even the random stickers that are floral penis designs! Yes, those exist! And that clutch! I'm swooning!