Sunday, February 8, 2015

Always Be Thankful #2

I should probably be posting these more often, because I'm always thankful for something or other in my life, and then I end up feeling bad for not taking the time to show my gratitude, and the guilt cycle goes on and on. My mother is an expert at guilt, and she picked up her skills from my grandmother. Not sure whether or not this is something I'm necessarily thankful for . . .
#1: I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!! In case anybody thought something else when they saw this picture, no I'm not pregnant, and no this isn't my dog. The dog that consistently annoys me at home is half Chihuahua, and isn't completely made of muscle like my brother's pure bred boxer situated here. This is news that I've been holding onto since December (and even something that I hinted at in my last Always be Thankful post), and I thought they wouldn't be making an announcement until February, but now that they're telling people, I can finally tell you guys how excited I am at the prospect of being an aunt! That child is going to grow up to be a geek, as iggles as my witnesses, and if I'm unable to do that then at the very least their child is going to be an avid reader! My mom and I are rooting for a girl, as you may have guessed :)
Of course a photo had to be taken at the moment where my mouth was full of cheesy popcorn... :P
#2: The friends I've made at Brock in my program. I finally made friends that are also English majors! AND IT ONLY TOOK 5 YEARS!!! XD We keep joking about how we wish that we had all met/started hanging out a lot earlier in our academic careers, because now a handful (or at least 2) of us are graduating and are off to new places either to work or to continue our education. This picture was taken while the 5 of us watched The Princess Bride (and me and another girl were pretty much reciting the entire thing under our breath XD) and we also played the card game Once Upon A Time and it was a very enjoyable evening, including snacks and pizza stuffs! I sincerely hope to keep in touch with these ladies, especially whilst I am at Humber.
#3: The generous friend in lecture that lent me her laptop cable during class :) It's usually the smallest things that have the biggest impact, and this particular favor that arrived out of the blue when I thought all hope was lost (after all, how would I be able to work on blog posts in class if my laptop was dead?), I was so surprised and so happy. My hero was actually somebody I have known since my first year at Brock, probably what you'd call a formal friend - we would chat when we shared classes, and the two of us hung out during Frosh Week in our 2nd year, but other than that we've never actually hung out outside of class - and so her "sacrifice"of lending me power for the majority of our lecture had that much more impact. It meant a lot to me :)

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