Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ramona Flowers and Her 7 {Evil?} Exes

For the longest time now, I've joked with my friends that I am a lot like Ramona Flowers because of my dating history. Including the boys I dated in high school, I currently have a total of 7 ex-boyfriends. If all 7 of them were what I would consider "evil" as opposed to just 3 of them (and if 1 of them was a woman), then I'd basically be a living and breathing Ramona Flowers.

Since today is Valentine's Day, I thought I'd write a little bit about that always constant idea of love. Ahh, love . . . Roses are red, violets are blue, a rose by any other name, etc. For the record, aren't there over a dozen different breeds of roses out there in the world with a bunch of different names? A botanist Bill Shakespeare was not.

One thing I have learned from my romantic history, from short term and long term and even long distance relationships, from being in love, from dealing with many different types of fallout that comes with breaking up, is that not only can you learn something from every type of relationship, but you can also find something good to reflect on with nearly every relationship. Even with the worst break-ups, and even if it is a very difficult struggle to try and come up with something, there's that one memory or that one thing a significant other has said to you that holds the slightest bit of positivity.

And today I'm going to share a few of these positive memories with all of you today! No negative man-bashing, all positivity! To not get too personal with you guys to the point of discomfort and to protect the privacy of these boys, instead of names I'll be using numbers - and they'll be assigned chronologically, not by some sort of odd best-worst ranking system XDD
Ex-Boyfriend #1: The very first one. This was actually an online-only relationship that went from when I was in 8th grade until January of 11th grade, so definitely my longest relationship hands-down. We were even engaged for a time - it was rather nice. Maybe it wasn't a relationship that was fated to go anywhere, but he was there for me during a time in my life where I would've otherwise felt completely alone. He also sent me my very first pair of earrings, which I'll always remember.
Ex-Boyfriend #2: This guy provided me with my most romantic Valentine's day to date. We got dressed up and ate dinner in his room. We had garlic bread from Pizza Hut, which doesn't sound overly romantic, but it was one of my favorite foods of all time back then. He gave me a rose and some cute Valentine's plushies, and we watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and Blind Date. Maybe it doesn't sound super romantic by today's standards, but for a high school girl's first real Valentine's day, it made for a memorable day.

Ex-Boyfriend #3: My fellow geeks will appreciate the fact that this guy was the one to introduce me to the virtues of J.R.R.Tolkien. With him I watched the Lord of the Rings movies for the first time, including the original animated version of The Hobbit where they would depict violence by the screen blurring and swirling around, which was pretty funny. Thanks for improving my nerd cred, bud.
Ex-Boyfriend #4: My relationship with ex #4 originated from a mutual friend of ours setting us up as a joke, which was rather interesting XD Not only was this boy from 4 months of my senior year very sweet, but he was my first semi-formal date. We attended the semi-formal dance at both his high school as well as my own, and both nights were a lot of fun.
Ex-Boyfriend #5: If I give my longest relationship to date credit for anything, aside from teaching me a lot of do's and don't's about being in a relationship, it's for ex #5 introducing me to a lot of my current favorite fandoms, like Game of Thrones and Community. Early in our relationship (possibly as a Valentine's gift, I can't remember if it was for an occasion or "just because"), he made these dozen duct tape roses for me, which I still have displayed in my room. He also gave me a plush giraffe that still sits on my bed, whom I named Benji.
Ex-Boyfriend #6: Ex #6 was a nice guy that played the Scott Pilgrim video game with me even though I sucked, who provided one of the best memories of Anime North that I've experienced so far, and the guy that gave me my first Funko Pop figurine :)

Ex-Boyfriend #7: For introducing me to shows like Black Books, Sherlock and The Newsroom, for doing selfless and really sweet things like cleaning my complete pigsty of a bedroom while I was at work, and for just generally being one of those guys willing to do nearly anything I might need, I owe ex #7 for really setting the bar for future boyfriends, and for just generally being a nice and respectable gent.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post :) To ask you all a question, what are some of the most memorable gifts have you received/moments you have shared from/with a significant other, whether it's from a current or previous relationship, a friend, a parent, etc.? Post in the comments to let me know :)

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