Monday, February 9, 2015

Tales from the Borderlands - From The Gaming Enthusiast

Recently I finally got around to playing a new game that I'd pushed off to the side for a little while, and now I'm partly mad at myself for waiting so long and partly glad because now I have less time to anxiously wait for the next episode to be released. This game is one of the newest releases from Telltale Games, which anybody that listens to me knows I'm obsessed with. And since everybody around me doesn't want to hear me gush about it anymore, now all of YOU get to deal with me XD
Anybody that enjoys the Choose Your Own Adventure style of Telltale Games, and anybody that enjoys the unique hilarity of the humor provided in ever Borderlands game, you need to download the first episode of Tales from the Borderlands immediately if not sooner! Compared to all the other Telltale games I've played so far (and I'm in love with The Walking Dead series and eagerly waiting the 3rd season), I honestly have to say that this 1st episode is the funniest and most entertaining to play out of all of the episodes I've encountered, and for me that's saying something!

The Borderlands franchise definitely has a characteristic humor all its own, and that definitely exists in the first episode of this series. For those who haven't played or beaten any of the other games, I can honestly tell you that experience with the series prior to this game isn't completely necessary. Me personally, I own Borderlands 1 and 2 but have only played the 2nd game, and even then I haven't gotten far because it's a difficult game to play by one's self and I only know about 1 person that I've actually enjoyed playing BL2 with.

Still, if you're genuinely worried about not knowing what's going on before trying this game, you'll learn all you need to know about the time frame in which this game exists among its counterparts as well as grasp an idea of what jokes and characters can be expected by watching this trailer:
You might still be concerned with understanding the world of Borderlands or what a vault key is or why there are so many creepy bandits running around wearing masks, but rest assured, you could jump right into the first episode and have nothing to worry about. The 1st episode starts with a pretty great introduction to give you the basic info you'll need, and from there you're golden.
One of the fun things about this Telltale game in particular is because you're playing as not one but two separate characters, each with their own competing perspective that will help you to put all of the pieces together to make a complete story out of everything that goes down in the first episode.

Both of these characters are fun to play as, and Fiona in particular was a thrill for me because when I first heard her voice in the game it kept nagging at me because it sounded SO familiar. Then I went onto IMDB and figured it out. The voice of Fiona is done by the same voice actress that does the voice of Female Boss #1 in Saints Row 3, 4, and Gat Outta Hell. For anybody else who like me is a huge Saints Row fan, it's a little trippy but it just makes Fiona seem all the more badass.
Here's a bit of background on the two main characters: You start off playing as Rhys, a corporate guys working for Hyperion, which is basically douchebag central to the people of Pandora, the rich stooges up on their own little planet while the people of Pandora scrape to get by. Rhys is in line for a big promotion at the start of the game and plans to celebrate and party it up with his two best friends, Vaughn and Yvette once the money comes rolling in, but he hits a snag that leads him and Vaughn to head out on a quest to Pandora to steal his new boss' business deal behind his back.
Fiona is a con artist that was born and raised on Pandora. The only people she's close to is her kid sister and Felix, the thief that practically raised the both of them. The three of them are on the verge of the biggest score of their life . . . until it gets crapped on by unforseen circumstances.
This game actually implements some new game play than is included in other games by Telltale. As Rhys, you get to do some fun hacking, and you also get to control a Loader Bot to fight off a whole whack of bandits. The characters, the gameplay, and the general story structure is fresh and interesting this time around, which is great for BL fans, Telltale fans or people completely new to these types of games.

For those that aren't the most skilled gamers, like myself, Telltale games are a perfect way to join the gaming conversation because the gaming skill and knowledge needed to play these games is quite minimal. The majority of the game involved choosing between 4 conversation prompts, often including silence (which is a viable option), and when there's action involved the main controls needed is a little bit of aiming the controller stick towards a specific target or, more often than not, in a specific direction when a character needs to move or dodge an oncoming attack.
This series has 5 episodes, which are $4.99 US, but you can always buy the season pass and get all 5 episodes when they're released for a cheaper price. According to my online sources, the 2nd episode of this game will be released on February 10th for download, or February 11th for Xbox owners. Try out the first episode today and get psyched up for the second!

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