Sunday, February 8, 2015

TWW(s) #WatchAlong Club Launch!

I do know that the IGGPPC has a cinema club, where members have a movie that they watch every month on their own which they then discuss with one another on the forums. However, I had the idea recently of doing something a little more low key that's just about a bunch of geeks (not necessarily iggles) hanging out, watching movies or even episodes of a show every month, and live-tweeting with one another as we watch them. The IGGPPC has hosted many watch-alongs and they are so much fun, and I thought I would try launching my own every month and see what happens.
Since we're kicking things off in February, the month of mushy feelings related to Valentine's Day, I thought we'd start with something simple and cute, Flipped. I read the book that this film was based on in 7th grade and have always had a fondness for it. It's directed by Rob Reiner, who brought us such great films as The Princess Bride and I'm pretty sure he also directed When Harry Met Sally as well.

We'll be watching this film on February 14th! A time has yet to be decided, but if people are up for watching this film on the 13th we will choose a time that works best for everyone. I already know that fellow iggle and awesome pen pal Shelby will be joining me on Saturday the 14th, so if you would like to join us and know what time would work best for you, let me know! You can always tweet me @KacieCruise and while we do this we might even use the hashtag #TWWsWatch! Hope that you guys will be joining us :)

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  1. I love the idea! I'll have to wait until I find a movie I'm interested in watching though