Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday Wish Lists #15: V-Day Edition

Happy Wednesday everybody! We're swiftly approaching Valentine's Day, and while it's definitely not everybody's favorite day, and I totally get that, you have to admit that stores stock a lot of cute items around this time of year, from clothes to cute stickers to adorable and useless little knick knacks that you know that you haven't any use for and yet you want them anyway! XD This Wednesday I've decided to gush about as many V-Day themed things as I possible can. And because this is a special occasion, I've found not 5 but 8 items to gush about :) So enjoy!
#1: "I Tolerate You" T-Shirt from Hot Topic! This shirt seems to reflect my typical attitude towards boys, so why not add this to my collection? XD I'm also curious what a guy's reaction would be if I wore this on a date, especially if it was a Valentine's Day date :P
#2: More Episodes in The Misselthwaite Archives! Ever since I saw the first trailer for this series, I've been eagerly awaiting for this adaptation to launch, and now that it has it has absolutely exceeded my expectations! I love the original story of The Secret Garden, which I've read and I've seen the film as well, and this adaptation is not only modernized with a teenage lead character playing Mary Lennox, but with the modern tone comes a teenager with a boat load of angst and mood swings and attitude, not to mention this series is already full of reference humor that made me laugh out loud. If you haven't watched the first episode yet, you should do so immediately!
#3: "Enveloped in Love Shower Wrap" from ModCloth! I never actually knew that something called a "shower wrap" ever existed before. Why can't all towels have straps on them? It's such a clever idea, and it looks super cute! This should totally be more of a thing.
#4: Beast & Beauty His & Hers Ring Set from Hot Topic! I'm not gonna lie, if I got to be the Beauty to somebody's Beast, that might just earn a smile out of me :) And I mean that in the sense of getting to be a cool heroine and an avid and intelligent reader like Belle, since she is absolutely off-the-charts awesome.
#5: More People to Watch Flipped with on Saturday the 14th! Shelby and I are still planning on having a #WatchAlong to enjoy one of the cutest movies out there on Valentine's Day, Flipped, and anybody who is free that day is welcome to join us! Tweet me @KacieCruise to let me know if you'd like to watch Flipped and tweet along with us :)
#6: "If you wanna be my lover..." Sticker from lilliesandroses on RedBubble! Seeing this sticker on RedBubble just made me laugh XD both for the feminist insert and for the nostalgia factor. I think if I had this sticker I might put it somewhere easily visible to give both my friends and any potential boyfriends a good chuckle, like maybe on my bedroom door or something :P I already have 2 Redbubble stickers there near the doorknob: a picture of Harley Quinn and then a message that says, "You are now approaching a fangirl. Proceed with caution." XD
#7: "Everyday in a Letter Wallet" from ModCloth! In case you couldn't already tell by my previous wish lists, I'm a sucker for any accessories or outfits that carry a snail mail/postal theme. Plus this wallet is super cute with the heart and the love bird-themed stamp decorating the front. With the addition of this wallet catching my eye, I've actually created a Snail Mail-themed wishlist on ModCloth that you can check out - just 3 items there at the moment.
#8: Brown Steampunk Skirt from TalismanaDesigns on Etsy! I just casually happened upon this Etsy seller while searching for Steampunk-themed items, and these many skirts and even the pouch belts by her are both very eye-catching and also very affordable :) She makes a selection of pouches with a leaf design, which would be ideal for my Steampunk character. Once I have the money to spend on my new-found Steampunk habit, I'll definitely be picking up a few items from this shop :)


  1. I love those rings and that skirt. And possibly the wallet. ;)

  2. Dat steampunk skirt though. Also, YES, people should join in the WatchAlong! And I am very intrigued by this Misselthwaite Archives! The Secret Garden movies always scared me when I was little, but this looks scary for different (teenage) reasons! Hahaha!