Tuesday, March 24, 2015

House Granger Prefects - Geeks Run The World

How's it going, my fellow geeks and iggles? For the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be doing something a little different with my Geeks Run The World posts. Not only will I be featuring two iggles at a time, but these two iggles will be the newly chosen House Prefects for all 4 houses! I myself am one of the prefects for House Quinn, and out of fairness I will be featuring myself and my co-prefect KCK last. To kick things off, we have the prefects leading House Granger, Leah & Rae!

TWW(s): As of this moment, what are your Top 5 Geek Loves?

Leah: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, Orphan Black

Rae: Feminism, The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Welcome to Night Vale, Pacific Rim and Star Wars

TWW(s): When did you first become an iggle and how did you hear about the IGGPPC?

Leah: I just recently joined the IGGPPC this year actually, which is exciting and a little bit awkward. Because this is my first year as a prefect as well. I saw an ad on Facebook for the IGGPPC and I myself have always wanted a pen pal, so it was just a perfect match!

Rae: I found the IGGPPC last year while I was looking for some new pen pals on tumblr, and I checked out the website and I fell in love. I started using the website and met some really awesome people.
Left: Leah. Right: Rae.
TWW(s): Tell us about any pen pals you've met through the IGGPPC!

Leah: Well my current pen pal is from Australia, her name is Therese. And I am currently helping her with a radio-script play she is doing. Also as a prefect one of my other House Granger members emailed me and asked if I would like to be her pen pal since we share a lot of the same interests. So I will start mailing her soon! Plus I just signed up for round 22, so I'll see how that will turn out since I chose to do opposite genders this time.

Rae: I've met about half of my pen pals through the IGGPPC, some being matched through rounds and some who I just happened to connect with during swaps or on forums or whatever. I love getting letters from all over the world, and the IGGPPC has helped me to make those connections, and helped me to get more of my own friends involved in pen palling.

TWW(s) Why did you originally apply to be a house Prefect? Were you a member of House Granger before you were chosen to be a prefect?

Leah: I applied because I wanted to get more involved and I saw this as a perfect chance. Yes, I was a member of House Granger before I was chosen as a prefect

Rae: I originally applied to be a House Prefect because I wanted to be more involved in the site and I thought that would be the best way to go about that. I was never a member of House Granger, but I applied to work with them because I have a sister in the age group (she's 14) and I thought it might be cool to get her involved too! 
TWW(s): What sorts of plans do you have for your house while you are a prefect for House Granger?

Leah: Currently, there is a house Rube Goldberg machine competition going on. It will end the last week of March. We also have a monthly craft, this month it is Granger Bookmarks! We also have a monthly hangout and movie. Plus if any Grangers participate in any of the activities they will receive achievements!! So much more to come, plus we are planning for the House Cup right now. So any Grangers out there better get ready if we want to win.

Rae: Lotsof crafts, lots of movies, lots of fun!
Want to get to know Leah & Rae? Find them here!
Send some iggle love & House Granger spirit their way!

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