Saturday, April 18, 2015

5 Favorite YouTubers

You guys know that I enjoy participating in the #5FandomFriday link-ups originated by +The Nerdy Girlie and +SuperSpaceChick, and recently I found out that IGGPPC co-founder +Darling Stewie came up with some DLC content to add to the 5 Fandom Friday fun! If there's one week's prompt that you're not super keen about, then you can go to Stewie's awesome DLC prompt suggestions and pick the one that best suits you! You can find that awesome list right here. Now without further ado, let's get to 5 Fandom Friday on a Saturday XD This week I'm going to tell you guys about my top 5 favorite YouTubers (not to be mistaken with my favorite YouTube channels, that we can get to later).
#5: Mary Kate Wiles! Most of you may know Mary Kate for her role as Lydia in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Since then, she's starred in a bunch of other things on the internet, such as Kissing In The Rain, I Ship It, and her newest venture Spore. On top of those projects, Mary Kate has her own YouTube channel with modeling reels, behind the scenes featurettes from her various projects (SO excited for Muzzled The Musical to be released!) and also subscription box videos. She has also started a series on her channel which I adore, titled Craftversations, where she sits down with somebody awesome (such as Yulin Kuang, Ashley Clements and Sean Persaud) and chats while they work on making some sort of craft. I actually ended up making the magazine flowers she and Ashley Clements made in the 2nd part of this series with my mentee at the elementary school, and she rather enjoyed it. Thanks for the inspiration MK!
#4: Grace Helbig! I am sad to say that it was only recently that I finally decided to buckle down and subscribe to Grace's channel. I own her book Grace's Guide and I even wrote a review for it on +5 Charisma. I am also ridiculously excited to see her and Hannah Hart star in Electra Woman and Dyna Girl created by Legendary Pictures. It took me until I saw the first episode of her newest venture, The Grace Helbig Show on E! for me to finally decide to click on the subscribe button. I love what she's doing with the show and I hope that this is a sign of old media making way for the ingenuity and unique qualities that new media has been embracing for years.
#3: Superwoman! There are so many reasons to adore Superwoman as a YouTuber and as a person. First, she's Canadian, so there's plenty of pride right there. Secondly, her videos are effing hilarious! Just recently I was cracking up as I was sitting in the car with my phone (while parked in a driveway, I swear) watching Superwoman talking about different types of drivers. My friends and I occasionally send each other links to her videos when something she's said reminds us of each other, and I love watching her make her t-shirt references and generally spouting messages of love and positivity, because you really can't ask for more than that :)
#2: Zoella! I have been obsessed with watching Zoella's videos for well over a year, and I just adore her as a person and as a creator. She has achieved so much in the years, with having millions of subscribers and having released her own beauty line (I own one of the make-up cases, the shower gel/bubble bath, the fiz bar and recently the moisturizing cream XD It smells so good!) and she also wrote and published her first young adult novel, Girl Online, which I positively adored. I can't wait for Zoella's next book! I also adore watching her daily vlogs on her secondary channel MoreZoella, and it's become a part of my morning routine :)
#1: Hannah Hart! Needed to save the best for last XD I remember only knowing about Hannah's video series My Drunk Kitchen peripherally for a long time until one day I was embarking on trying to make my uncle's roasted potato recipe all by myself, and so I propped up my phone and started watching a few MDK videos, and next thing I knew I was binge watching pretty much all of them XD I think Hannah has such a unique voice and attitude and I picked up her book My Drunk Kitchen as soon as it was at the bookstore where I work. I also love getting to see the Holy Trinity, as the internet has named them; when Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart all get together to make videos, because the three of them together are just plain hilarious :P

Who are some of your favorite personalities on YouTube? Let me know in the comments below!

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