Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wednesday Wish Lists #17: Grad Gifts Edition

What's up guys? For today's Wednesday Wish List I'd like to do something a liiiitle different. As some of you might know if you follow my blog on Facebook, you'll know that I am completely done with all my undergraduate classes at Brock University, which is the weirdest thing ever XP As of today, I have 26 days until my orientation at Humber College, and 25 days until I move in to my dorm.

My family has always embraced the tradition of graduation gifts. My mom has promised to get me a class ring from Brock for my grad gift, but I started to think, if I wanted her to use that money on something aside from a ring, what would I want her to get me? That's where this list comes in! Here are some things I would love to get that I would have a definite use for at Humber.
#1: FAIRY LIGHTS! I know that "fairy lights" is more the UK term, but Zoella has spoiled me, with her whimsical speech as well as her book XD When looking up dorm decorating tips on Pinterest it seemed that pretty much every dorm room (at least girls' dorm rooms) have fairy lights in them, and I would absolutely love to get a couple strings of fairy lights for myself. I keep trying to convince my mother of the necessity of fairy lights in a dorm room but so far no dice. I think it'd be fun if my readers wanted to send me some fairy lights, hint hint :P

#2: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries complete series on DVD! My dorm room, annoyingly enough, does not have Wifi, but they do have ethernet, and there is an internet cap of 10GB - whether that's per day or per week I'm not entirely sure XP I know that LBD would be a comfort to watch while I'm in my dorm, but I know from data bills on my cell phone that YouTube uses up quite a bit of data, and when it comes to rationing my internet usage I'm going to have to be careful. But you don't need the internet to watch DVDs! Plus they come with all the fun special features and whatnot. I would LOVE it if somebody bought these DVDs for me as a grad gift :)
#3: The Life Aquatic-themed shower curtain! I know that there are certain things you don't pick up for a dorm room right away because you are supposed to coordinate with a roommate, and when it comes to common areas like the kitchenette and the bathroom they definitely get a say. Even so, I think this shower curtain, along with a number of other shower curtains I have come across during my shopping travels lately, would be great to get as gifts that I could have on display and always be reminded of home and the person who bought them for me when I'm living hours away in Toronto. Plus I adore The Life Aquatic, so yeah!
#4: A custom illustration of me & my friends! Not only would a cute little character of yourself be a really amazing thing to own, but it would be a fun way that I could carry around my friends with me! :) These illustrations above were created by Yokokins Cosplay and they take commissions! I've also seen an illustration done for lilo + mimo that I'm pretty sure was also done by Yokokins, but I haven't confirmed that as of yet.
#5: Dressed to Repress sweater from itsGrace! I WANT IT SO BAD!!! My mother has told me that $40 USD is a tad unreasonable for one sweater, but I hardly care because I want it so freaking much! We all need sweaters to keep us warm (even while we're attending college in the summer months), right? WANT!!!
#6: Cash or Gift Cards to buy Books! One despairing fact that I'll soon have to face that comes along with resigning from my job, along with having to leave the store I've worked at for nearly 7 years and all of my great co-workers, I'll also be abandoning my store discount, which means buying books at retail price. As it happens, a lot of new books will be released this summer while I'm away at Humber, and a little money to put towards those books would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Excellent list! Happy graduation! (I might have a card for you on its way...)

  2. Yay congratulations, and well done! Fairy lights are the best, and always work wonders for a room. And a custom illustration is such a lovely gift idea! Also, that shower curtain <3