Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday Wish Lists #18 - Cosplay Edition

I recently came up with a new idea for a cosplay I'd like to attempt for Anime North 2015, and even with the limited amount of time I think I might be up to the task, even if a lot of this costume will be put together through crafting and a bit of thrift store shopping. I've started thinking about the things I'll need to get/make for this costume, and I thought I'd share the list with you guys. The one thing I do own is the wig - the rest I'm still on the hunt for.
Cosplay Objective: Chloe Price from Life Is Strange.
#1: Skull Tank Top. Easy to make! Luckily the creators of this game have released some concept art that is easily accessible on the internet, and contains the skull picture that is on her shirt. It would just be a matter of finding a tank top/wife beater and printing the image on - easy peasy.

#2: The Hat. Luckily it's not a winter tuque, so this shouldn't be too difficult to find. I'll probably acquire this item first to make sure that the wig I own will work for this particular cosplay.
#3: The Necklace. A bit trickier than the first couple of items, but not impossible. More than likely this necklace will come to be through a bit of hunting and crafting. The black cord of that length is easy to make, but I'll probably have to hunt around to find three bullet pendants like that. And if they're not already a copper/bronze colour, they'll require a bit of painting, but that's no big deal.

#4: Bracelets. Definitely easy. It will just be a matter of keeping my eyes peeled, either for a collection of basic black bands available for purchase or the proper material to make them, and that can be checked off the list.
#5: THE TATTOO. Obviously this will be the trickiest part. I happened to look up some cosplay pictures on Tumblr of other girls that have dressed as Chloe, and many of them had arm tattoos that mimicked the original character's in near-perfect detail. I kept thinking, "How the hell are they doing that?! Are they drawing/painting it on? Are they artists? Do I have to be an artist in order to cosplay as this character?" Of course, that won't be necessary with the purchase of some tattoo paper.

This will be a bit of an annoyance, because not only is tattoo paper expensive, but I've only been able to find it for purchase in packs of 2, plus this tattoo is rather large and if I wanted to be accurate I would need 2 sheets for the entire tattoo. That would mean buying about 3 packs - for cosplaying as this character for multiple days and having at least one back-up pack for the inevitable screw-ups.
#6: The Extras. Jeans, suspenders, boots, all will have to be acquired or at least supplemented. Some light blue nail polish, similar to the shade of her hair, will be added as well. I'm pretty sure I have a bottle or two from Black Sheep Lacquer that'll do the job. While it's a simple enough costume, there are definitely some intricate details that I want to get just right. I hope I'll be able to lock it down before Anime North on May 23rd.

Let me know what you think, or if you have any advice for me, in the comments below :)

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  1. I think you should be able to get a temporary tattoo to "stick" for a longer period of time by spraying it with hairspray? Or maybe I'm getting that mixed up with something else. I am sure you don't need 3 packs of tattoo paper though.