Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What I'm Up To {22.04.2015}

Better late than never I suppose XD How's it going, folks?! Lots and lots of things have been happening lately, and I'm so excited to chat with all of you about it! :) Meant to post this yesterday, hence the wrong date on the graphic, but everything I've written has been edited to apply to today.

Reading: I recently picked up a bargain copy of Hold Still by Nina LaCour from the bookstore, so I've been diving right into that :) Another book I've read by Nina LaCour was The Disenchantments which is hands-down one of my all-time favorites, so I definitely have great expectations for this novel. Also, I started reading When Everything Feels Like The Movies by Raziel Reid during one particularly slow shift, and on Friday I bought my own copy so I could finish reading it and possibly write about it when I'm done. It's such a dirty book, not with content thus far but just with language and narration, I love it XD

Listening To: I put on the Life Is Strange soundtrack on YouTube to finish my most recent English essay, but aside from that I haven't been listening to much music (ever since the death of my beloved iPod Classic... :( ). But I have been listening to the newest lilo + mimo podcasts, because Liz Locksley & Mia Moore are amazing peeps! I was quick to dive in to the first official episode of The Bear & The Maiden Fair to hear about their thoughts on the first Game of Thrones episode. The next BAMF episode will be out today :) Also I happened to email the Fake Goth Girls address, and they actually discussed my email on episode 3! How cool is that?! Thanks you guys, you're the best!

Buying: On Saturday I was lucky enough to go on a little shopping trip with my mother in St. Catharines. She had a gift card to spend at Pennington's and she also picked me up an extremely comfy PJ set from there. We also went to Michael's, which is always quite a blast, and I picked up some fun things to help decorate my dorm room. And on Monday I took a little trip with fellow iggle and GGB officer Christine to spend the Hot Cash we've earned at our local Hot Topic in Niagara On The Lake. I ended up spending WAY too much but I picked up some t-shirts and tank tops which I needed for my time at Humber. Now aside from a few more essentials I will not be buying anything much else for the foreseeable future.

Playing: No new parts of the episodic games I've been addicted to have been released lately (pretty sure the next one will be episode 3 of Life Is Strange that will be released on May 5th). Plus I've been so busy finishing up school assignments and getting ready for The Big Move that I haven't been able to have friends over to play any board games. The only real thing I've been playing is a little flash game titled Papa's Freezeria. On my old computer, I'd played it for so long that I think I reached day 86 or something like that.

Watching: The new episodes of Game of Thrones, of course :) I haven't watched the ones that have leaked because I'm trying to be good :P I recently rented the 5th season of Downton Abbey, and after watching that I decided to start re-watching from season 1, just for the heck of it. I've also rented a bunch of movies from Family Video that I hope to watch before I have to return them on Saturday, so fingers crossed that I actually get around to it and that I didn't bring home too many at once :P

Mailing: I finally got the Washi Tape Tag cards put together, and I plan on sending those out ASAP. Also on Monday I received a postcard from my RP partner and dear friend Chandler, who is living in New Zealand right now. She got to visit Hobbiton and I'm super jealous XD Thank you so much for the post card, Chandler! :) I also got a whole whack of London post cards from my aunt Kathy who just came from a trip there to visit her daughter and her husband. Can't wait to get some use out of those.

Feeling: On Friday I finished my very last assignment as an undergraduate student, which has been quite the interesting experience. The only word I've been able to think of to describe the feeling of being 100% done with my work at Brock is, "What?!" :P The hardest thing is knowing that today will be my very last day working at the bookstore. I don't want to leave, I love working there XP But I know that I'll be setting off on an important adventure, and that softens the blow a little bit.

Loving: First and foremost, I love being done with homework assignments, it's the best feeling ever :) And I'm loving the gorgeous weather we've been having; it's great to know that we are now a great distance from getting snow every again. That being said, if it randomly snows this month, I will start crying and not stop until it goes away XD 12 days until orientation.

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