Friday, May 22, 2015

5 Nerdiest Things I've Ever Done

Happy Friday, everybody! Since adopting a 9-5 schedule (like the majority of the adult race), Friday has quickly become my favorite day of the week, followed very quickly by Saturday in 2nd place and Sunday in 3rd.

Let me tell you, trying to think back to decide on what the top 5 nerdiest things I've ever done would consist of, I did struggle a bit to decide on what might actually fall into this category. I even reached out to my friends to get their input on nerdy things they might remember me having done in the past. Those, along with a few of my own ideas, are what I've included here :) Many of these are cosplay-related, but not all of them.
#5: I will take any (and I do mean any) excuse to quote from my most obscure fandom! Yep, I'm talking 'bout the Cornetto Trilogy. I'm pretty much always talking about the Cornetto Trilogy. Any chance I get, I'll try and slip in a reference to one of the three movies, such as "You've got red on you" or "Drink up, let's Boo-boo" or, when I'm feeling slightly more daring and am not within the vicinity of any authority figures, "F*** off back to Lego land you c***s!"
#4: I wore an Everyday Cosplay of Harley Quinn on my last first day of classes @ Brock U! So yeah, I totally did this XD I think maybe one person noticed by odd outfit choice once class was completely done, but it was still completely worth it. I was particularly proud of using the red hair clip extensions with the pig tails!
#3: I wore a custom-made, Jane Austen-inspired regency dress to my prom! Every girl's prom has to be special, right? That includes the dress! At the time, I was obsessed with Jane Austen and the regency era, and somehow it came about that my older cousin who knows how to sew was walking with me and my mom through Fabric Land to pick out the material for my prom dress :) Some people at prom thought I was Snow White, which was pretty funny XD
#2: I've had not one but TWO commissioned drawings done of myself in cosplay! The first one that I had done was of my Franziska vonKarma costume, from the Ace Attorney games, done the 2nd year I went to Anime North. The second of me as Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club was done the 3rd year I attended Anime North. I'm honestly tempted to get another one done this weekend in my Chloe Price cosplay. I'll let you know if I decide to get that done :)
#1: THIS! For the record, nobody is required to watch this video. In fact, you probably shouldn't, because I'm internally cringing just thinking about it XP So I did this thing where I decided to name every single manga series I own in the style of the original Pokemon theme song, Yep. I did that. My friends agree that this is probably one of the nerdiest things I've ever done.

I'm curious about the nerdiest things that other people have done :P Let me know in the comments and we can swap "war stories" XD


  1. Totally approve of your choice of prom dress, you look absolutely beautiful xoxo


  2. I love your prom dress!


  4. The video is super cute, I love it! I also think it's great you wore whatever you felt like to school. I used to wear skirts and dresses occasionally and that was absolutely not cool as far as the rest of the people were concerned... People that don't care about what's in fashion make me happy. :D

  5. That prom dress is beautiful.

  6. Your prom dress is awesome as is your casual cosplay!! Love me some casual cosplay!!