Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Move In Day & A Look At My Dorm

As many of you know, I embarked on quite the journey recently, wherein I have moved from my family home in Welland, Ontario to take on the big city of Toronto for a 4 month Creative Book Publishing post-grad program. I'll be living in residence at Humber College's Lakeshore campus (which is gorgeous, by the way), and the weeks leading up to May acted as prep for moving the necessary stuff (and plenty of snail mail supplies :P) with me to my new temporary home. This is my first time living away from home, so it's all very exciting.

For fun, I decided to document "the big day", May 2nd 2015, over Twitter with a live succession of tweets, using #KaciesMove. I wasn't able to post anything once I made it to the dorms because my dorm suite is essentially a big concrete box XD Plus our concrete box (me and my roommates') is located all the way at the end of this seemingly endless hallway. Here are some pictures from that day that went up on Twitter and a few of what my dorm room looks like now (after a thorough cleaning).
Early morning tired selfie
Breakfast with my grandma and mom on Saturday morning. Needed lots of energy for the big day. Don't judge me XP
We had more or less everything we needed piled into the living room the night before
Before we left I texted this photo to my roommate with the message "I GOT THE POWER!" :P
Of course I had to stop by my local comic book shop - I was moving on #FreeComicBookDay after all! I picked up a few new comics and got a picture with Harley outside the store.
Me wearing my new Kiki's Delivery Service/Jiji hoodie while I ran out with my mom to get some groceries.

That was all the pictures I managed to get on move-in day. It took me a while to get my phone synced up to the wifi, so I didn't bother taking too many pictures. But I thought to wrap this thread up I would give you a glimpse of how my dorm looks so far.
The wall above my desk. I've got some postcards hanging up right now, some new ones and others I've received from dear friends. A few random notes are pinned below them.
I finally got to hang up my signed poster from The Pretty Reckless that my friend and roleplay partner Chandler sent to me :) And if anyone's curious, S2 Ep2 of Sherlock is what's playing on the TV.
I've got some vinyl dots on my wall across from my bed :) The small ones I picked up at Chapters, the big ones I picked up from work a few months ago; they came with a white dry-erase marker and you can write on them, so I use them for my weekly schedule.
The current state of my closet. The closed portion just holds hanging dresses and jackets. It's not in the most organized state, but it's not a total mess either, so I'm happy enough with it.

I'll share some more dorm photos with you all later - I'm planning on putting some more vinyl on my walls (thanks to my oh-so-crafty mother) and I even have some books sitting on my window sill, plus a few live plants! I promise to keep you all posted.

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