Saturday, May 23, 2015

#RoyalWatchAlong - Sunday May 31st

It's that time again, for another great Watch Along! Me and Shelby Dossier are co-hosting a fun evening on Sunday, May 31st where we will be watching both The Princess Diaries & The Princess Diaries: Royal Engagement. This is to help celebrate the release of Meg Cabot's Royal Wedding, the first adult fiction addition to her Princess Diaries Young Adult series (which thanks to Shelby I have read in pretty much its entirety XD). We're starting at 6:30PM Eastern, so we will be done with both movies no later than 10PM, and that guess leaves a large margin for error.

If you'd like to watch with us, mark it on your calendars & tweet both me (@KacieCruise) & Shelby (@shelbyfromthtwp), and/or just follow the craziness on Twitter via our hashtag, #RoyalWatchAlong. We look forward to having you guys join in. Everybody's welcome! You can also comment here or on Shelby's post to RSVP as well, although no formal RSVP is required; you're free to just show up on twitter with the hashtag. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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