Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday Wish List #20 - Geeky T-Shirt Edition

Happy Wednesday, folks! To be completely honest, it's hard to be wanting after things when I've just finished spending a fortune on stuff for my dorm room (more the essentials than anything else - I bought a toaster. XD), but a couple things, mainly t-shirts, have caught my eye, mainly from my Facebook timeline, so here they are :)
#1: Howl's Moving Castle Calcifer T-Shirt! I can't remember where this actually came from, it just popped up on my FB feed for about a week and now I'm unable to find it. Still, I think it's really cute and since I recently re-watched Howl's Moving Castle I wished I had this shirt even more than I normally would :)
#2: Nathan Fillion T-Shirt! So, yeeeeah, I'm just gonna set this here . . . Okay then . . .
#3: Video Game Lag T-Shirt! I don't actually know where you can get this shirt, or if it actually exists; this picture just kept showing up on my Facebook feed for a while. I ended up sharing it on the Geek Girl Brunch Toronto FB page because I thought fellow brunchettes would get a kick out of it. I think it would be fun to wear this around and to get fellow gamers to chuckle :P
#4: Throne of Magic shirt from TeeFury! I at one point attempted to buy this shirt when it first came out, but then something went wrong online with my payment and it didn't actually end up going through. Now the shirt is a little bit pricier, but I am still determined to add it to my collection one day. Game of Thrones & Sailor Moon? Best of both worlds!

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