Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday Wish Lists #25

Happy Hump Day, folks! . . . Ugh, I felt gross just typing that XP Anywho, on top of a brand new Wednesday Wish Lists graphic that you can see above, there are of course 5 new items to add to the never-ending list this week.
#1: Planner Essentials Organizer from The Reset Girl Shop! Lately I've spent a lot of time following people on Instagram that are really big into making and customizing their own planners. There really is a fine art to it, and it gives you the opportunity to get both crafty as well as organized.These little organizers are pretty nifty for storing all of the different materials people use when customizing planners for themselves or for others.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Tabletop Games - Discount Salmon

Greetings, my fellow geeks! Some of you may know that I used to write board game reviews for a fantastic online magazine known as Paper Droids. I thought it might be fun to start writing about board games I have played and enjoyed here on my very own blog, to get back into writing about one of my favorite past-times and to gush about some of my favorite games with other fellow tabletop enthusiasts. Plus I'm much better at playing board games & card games than I am at playing video games XD

One of my favorite board game cafes to frequent is Snakes and Lattes in Toronto. Me and my friend Blair that I met during my days at Brock University occasionally make the trip to the big city to enjoy an evening of trying out new board games, for the memories and for finding games to add to our wish lists. We're also big fan of the Italian sodas, and we always get them with mixed strawberry and peach flavors. To wrap up our last visit, we sought out a simple game that would be easy to learn and wouldn't take us hours to complete while we chowed down on the gummi worms in the candy bowl we ordered, and we found that in a speed-based card game titled Discount Salmon.

Here's the premise: You're fishing in a body of water that has been highly contaminated, and because of this, a lot of the fix are flawed in a number of ways - they could be Stinky, Nuclear, or just plain Ugly. Your job is to use the cards in your hand to try to "fix" the flaws of these fix - a little Perfume for stinks fish, an Antidote to rid your catch of harmful chemicals, or some Makeup to give your fish a little more self-confidence :P

This is one of those fast-paced, crazy games where quick reflexes are definitely a requirement. Each player (2-5 people can play this game) holds cards that either fix a fish's problems or adds on whole new ones that need to be fixed before the fish can be claimed. Yep, you have cards that can affect a fish that's already stinky and can make it ugly, which gives you and the people you're playing with more problems you have to solve. It can help if you don't have the proper card to solve the original problem, and it can just slow down progress for the other people you're playing with. When a fish's problems are all fixed, whoever put down the card that cured the fish's final problem, that player gets that fish card - they also get all of the cards that players put down to try to cure the fish, which get added to their hand.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Review: Everything, Everything

People say time and time again that you should never judge a book by its cover. To look at it literally, as someone who worked at a bookstore for 7 years, and somebody who has studied book marketing, I can tell you that this is not everybody's policy. The #1 thing that will work to market a book is how the cover is designed, and speaking as a reader, I know how easy it can be to get turned off from buying a book from a poorly designed, unattractive cover.

When it comes to Everything, Everything, a YA novel by first-time author Nicola Yoon, if this colourful, intricate, gorgeous cover doesn't sell you immediately, then the plot certainly will :)

Madeline Whittier was born with a disease that "is as rare as it is famous," which you learn right from the first words of the synopsis. Maddie is basically allergic to the world, and because of this she has not set foot outdoors since before her sickness was discovered when she was a little baby. The only people that are admitted through the air-lock front door are Maddie's mother and her nurse, Carla. That is, until a family moves in next door, including the black-clad teenage boy named Olly.

It's easy to determine that if Madeline were a real person, she would be an iggle, no question. She's an avid reader, writes super-short book reviews on Tumblr, she plays an ultra difficult but fun-looking game known to her and her mother as Phonetic Scrabble, and even if all of her incoming mail needed to be 100% disinfected before she could touch it, she would still love getting mail and other gifts from geek girls around the world.

Friday, September 25, 2015

5 Broadway Roles I'd Love To Play

Happy Friday, everybody! This week most other bloggers will be writing about their favorite pumpkin items, in celebration of autumn finally being here, but I've honestly never been a fan of pumpkin-flavored items - shocking, I know. So instead, I've decided to backtrack a little bit and use a prompt from a previous week this month. I've always been a fan of musicals, and while I might not be talented in the singing/dancing/acting departments, I'd be crazy not to imagine myself in a few of these killer roles. Without further ado, here are the top 5 Broadway roles I would love to play - including fun video clips for each!
#5: Mama Rose from Gypsy! I went to see this musical when a production company was putting it on in Hamilton this past Winter, and it was incredible. The woman that played Rose was an absolute power house, and she rocked the roof off the place with her voice alone. To be able to have that kind of bravado would itself be "a dream come true, baby!"

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday Wish Lists #24

What's up, folks? Trying to catch up on posts this week and get re-organized (although that is sometimes a losing battle - see item #5). I have a not of new stuff planned to come your way, so look forward to some updates :) In the meantime, here is my most recent wish list!
#1: Colin O'Donoghue on a Silver Platter, Please ;) Recently I got back into roleplaying on a new site, one with a supernatural theme, and I also reunited with an old roleplay partner of mine. We had this plot between my witch Ebony and her vampire Erik, whose celebrity face claim is Colin, aka Hook from Once Upon A Time (which I recently started watching and absolutely LOVE!). But yeah, either when I'm replying to a post with Ebony or I'm watching season 3 of this great show (no spoilers, please), one of my current favorite past times is just staring at this adorable devil :)

Friday, September 4, 2015

5 Fandom Deaths I'm Still Upset About - SPOILERS!

Happy Friday everybody! It's been a good long while since I've done one of these posts! I'm hoping to be able to keep up with these for the entirety of September, especially since we've got a pretty good line up of topics for me to blog about for this month. Today I'll be rambling about several fandom deaths that are still bugging me. Fair warning, this post will be full of major spoilers, and to keep anybody from being accidentally spoiled, I'll be listing the specific series/fandoms I'll be writing about, so you'll know whether or not this post is safe or not.

In this order, I'll be talking about the Gemma Doyle/Great and Terrible Beauty YA series by Libba Bray, the latest season of HBO's Game of Thrones (obviously), season 5 of Glee, the latest season of The Big Bang Theory and in the final novel of the Hunger Games series, Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. So scroll past the spoilers that you need to avoid and enjoy the rest :) Fair warning, many of the images I have chosen contain spoilers as well.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wednesday Wish Lists #23

Happy September everybody! It's the beginning of a new month, which means getting organized and planning ahead for the next 28 days that are yet to come. Some of you are starting back to school this month, some of you may have already started last month, and as for me, I am officially done with my schooling, so I'm enjoying a short break where I will be hoping to tackle some new projects. Some of the items on my wish list will hopefully be able to help me achieve my monthly goals.
#1: Sprinkle of Glitter 2016 Diary! I found out about this from one of Zoella's videos (of course :P) and it's filled with pretty illustrations and cool photos and positive, uplifting messages for the year of 2016. It's being released on September 29th in Canada, and will probably have the same release date in the US.