Friday, September 25, 2015

5 Broadway Roles I'd Love To Play

Happy Friday, everybody! This week most other bloggers will be writing about their favorite pumpkin items, in celebration of autumn finally being here, but I've honestly never been a fan of pumpkin-flavored items - shocking, I know. So instead, I've decided to backtrack a little bit and use a prompt from a previous week this month. I've always been a fan of musicals, and while I might not be talented in the singing/dancing/acting departments, I'd be crazy not to imagine myself in a few of these killer roles. Without further ado, here are the top 5 Broadway roles I would love to play - including fun video clips for each!
#5: Mama Rose from Gypsy! I went to see this musical when a production company was putting it on in Hamilton this past Winter, and it was incredible. The woman that played Rose was an absolute power house, and she rocked the roof off the place with her voice alone. To be able to have that kind of bravado would itself be "a dream come true, baby!"
#4: Galinda/Glinda from Wicked! For anybody that hasn't seen the video of Shoshana Bean's last show with Megan Hilty playing Galinda, then click here and get ready to laugh XD Megan Hilty is such a hilarious take on the character, yet she is still deep and soulful with numbers like For Good and Couldn't Be Happier. The main reason I started watching NBC's Smash when it aired was because Megan Hilty was in it, and that show didn't disappoint!
#3: Mimi from RENT! One of my early favorite musicals, and a massive favorite of my friends, would have to be RENT. Mimi sings a number of my favorite songs, such as Out Tonight, but her singing Without You is probably one of the most touching numbers. Occasionally I'll just put this video on and listen to the song when I need to get in a particular mood to write.
#2: Elphaba from Wicked! I would be shocked if somebody wrote this post and didn't include Elphaba on their list XD The original green-skinned nerd, Elphaba is the epitome of a misunderstood creature that only wants to be happy and fit in and to have a purpose in life. Plus I don't know how a person wouldn't get chills when listening to Defying Gravity.
#1: Christine from The Phantom of the Opera & Love Never Dies! My very first musical that wasn't owned by Disney <3 -="" 2004="" 2="" a="" about="" all="" almost="" and="" asked="" audience="" been="" but="" cabinet="" case="" cds="" chandelier="" characters="" chills.="" day="" death="" disc="" entire="" ever="" film="" flew="" for="" found="" from="" gave="" have="" her="" how="" i="" in="" it="" its="" kept="" late="" listened="" live="" love="" m="" me="" mom="" mother="" musical.="" musical="" my="" night="" not="" of="" official="" on="" one="" phantom="" proceeded="" production="" rec="" recording="" room="" rummaging="" s="" scared="" see="" seen="" she="" show="" since="" some="" stayed="" still="" super="" tell="" that="" the="" then="" thing.="" this="" through="" to="" toronto="" towards="" trip="" ugh="" up="" ve="" voice="" waiting="" was="" went="" when="" with="" work="">Love Never Dies
 comes to Toronto so I can see that show live as well.

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