Friday, September 4, 2015

5 Fandom Deaths I'm Still Upset About - SPOILERS!

Happy Friday everybody! It's been a good long while since I've done one of these posts! I'm hoping to be able to keep up with these for the entirety of September, especially since we've got a pretty good line up of topics for me to blog about for this month. Today I'll be rambling about several fandom deaths that are still bugging me. Fair warning, this post will be full of major spoilers, and to keep anybody from being accidentally spoiled, I'll be listing the specific series/fandoms I'll be writing about, so you'll know whether or not this post is safe or not.

In this order, I'll be talking about the Gemma Doyle/Great and Terrible Beauty YA series by Libba Bray, the latest season of HBO's Game of Thrones (obviously), season 5 of Glee, the latest season of The Big Bang Theory and in the final novel of the Hunger Games series, Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. So scroll past the spoilers that you need to avoid and enjoy the rest :) Fair warning, many of the images I have chosen contain spoilers as well.
#1: Kartik in The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray - He's a Tree?!?! This was the part of this book that aggravated me to no end. Also, forgive me on the details, I read this when I was a teenager, but the conclusion of this series has stayed with me and my friends to this day. In fact, just last week, me and one of my friends were talking about YA series and this one came up, and we both exclaimed, "I can't believe he got turned into a tree!" Sure, technically Kartik didn't die; his soul now lives in a tree amid the Realms, and Gemma and Kartik are aware of each other's existence, but they can no longer be together, and it still hurts, years later.
#2: Shireen from HBO's Game of Thrones - WHY?!?! There is also another unfortunate death from the recent season finale of Game of Thrones that I could be writing about, but alas, as much as it upset me and left me slack-jawed as the credits rolled, this particular death upset me so much more. When Shireen was summoned by the Red Woman, and then began pleading for her father . . . it hit me right in the feels. When her father and mother stood witness to Shireen being sacrificed to the Red God, that is the closest I have come to tears when watching Game of Thrones. And anyone who knows me will know that I'm made out of stone and rarely cry at sad movies, books or TV shows. I laughed at all my friends who were wiping their eyes near the end of Toy Story 3. But in the case of Shireen's agonizing death, I was not tearful but still absolutely distraught.
#3: Finn from Glee - Cory Monteith Died Too Young. As I mentioned above (although those avoiding GoT spoilers may not have read it), I am made of stone when it comes to sad movies, books, TV shows,etc. But when I watched the tribute done for Cory Monteith, aka Finn on season 5 of Glee, I completely lost it. I'll admit to you all now that I bawled like a baby, and I'm not even a massive Glee fan like some of my friends. Truth be told, I started watching the newer seasons of Glee in order to relate better to my close friends, since I knew they loved the show so much. But I've yet to watch anything far past this episode due to just how heart-breaking it was. I think my tears were derived from not just a beloved character having passed, but from the actor who portrayed him having died far too young.
#4: Mrs. Wolowitz in The Big Bang Theory - You Will Be Missed. I'm pretty sure it was sometime before the 8th season of The Big Bang Theory began to air that the news of the actress behind the voice of Mrs. Wolowitz passed away. In the context of the show, Howard gets the news from his aunt whom his mother had traveled to visit in Florida, after her mom took a nap on the couch and never woke up. The characters rally to support Howard in his time of grief, and once he and Bernadette are off to Florida to handle the funeral arrangements, the remaining characters sit in Sheldon and Leonard's apartment telling their favorite memories involving Howard's mother, after which Leonard proposes a toast to the late, great Mrs. Wolowitz. She made us all laugh, and she will be missed.
#5: Primrose in Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins - Why did she have to die? This is a question that still haunts me to this day. Her death comes very close to the end of the final volume in the Hunger Games series, and feels like it is meant to act as nothing but a final blow to are already-damaged hearts. Will this stop me from going to see the final film installment of the series? It certainly won't, but you better believe I'm going to be clutching the arm rest in the theater as the moment of truth approaches, not wanting to watch it unfold but being unable to look away.

Tell me about some of the fandom deaths that are still haunting you in the comments below, and if you have also participated in this Fandom Friday link-up, share a link to your post with me in the comments as well.


  1. Oh man, Mrs. Wolowitz! That was such a sad episode. And obviously touched a lot of people IRL as well.

  2. SHIREEN. OMG. I'm with you, that was NOT okay.

  3. I am convinced Prim's death is Collin's easy out in the Peeta/Gale debate. If Gale is in any way implicated in Prim's death there's no hard choice, Katniss' mind is already decided against him. To me it always felt like a crutch to get out of having Katniss justify her feelings one way or the other regarding her love interests.

  4. Aw, I didn't even think to include Shireen but man, that was such a sad episode:( Stupid Stannis!

  5. Oh gosh Shireen that was so horrible, I was not OK with that she was the sweetest kid :(


  6. I wasn't really feeling Glee much after the first three seasons, but I LOVED those seasons. When Cory died, I had to watch the tribute episode. I cried the whole way. Cory was such a great person and Finn was such a great character. It was just a shame all around.

    And don't even get me started on Primrose. I'm dreading the next Hunger Games movie. If I cried during the book, there's no doubt I'll cry during the movie.

  7. The death of Kartik broke my heart! Glad to see another Libba Bray fan.