Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday Wish Lists #24

What's up, folks? Trying to catch up on posts this week and get re-organized (although that is sometimes a losing battle - see item #5). I have a not of new stuff planned to come your way, so look forward to some updates :) In the meantime, here is my most recent wish list!
#1: Colin O'Donoghue on a Silver Platter, Please ;) Recently I got back into roleplaying on a new site, one with a supernatural theme, and I also reunited with an old roleplay partner of mine. We had this plot between my witch Ebony and her vampire Erik, whose celebrity face claim is Colin, aka Hook from Once Upon A Time (which I recently started watching and absolutely LOVE!). But yeah, either when I'm replying to a post with Ebony or I'm watching season 3 of this great show (no spoilers, please), one of my current favorite past times is just staring at this adorable devil :)
#2: Legend of Zelda Make it Rain Tank Top from Viral Style! I can not tell you the number of times this tank top has showed up as an ad on my Facebook home page :P But I would love to rock this shirt.
#3: Time to use my new Minc Machine! For my birthday, my mother made the glorious decision to get me this machine from Heidi Swapp, one of the coolest crafting ladies of our time. Basically what is does is you run things through it that have been printed on using a laser printer (you can buy a ton of Minc-specific stuff, like tags and cards and envelope labels and letters, etc., or make your own if you have this kind of printer!) and you run it through with this special heat foil, and the foil transfers to your item and makes it all shiny and amazing! I plan on using this for lots of crafting and snail mail projects, but for the time being I need to spend time organizing my bedroom before I can set this baby up.
#4: Embrace Your Weird Shirt from Felicia Day! If there is one role model to take advice from and wear it on your chest, then it is most certainly fellow nerd Felicia Day. Pretty sure that all proceeds behind buying this shirt go towards a good cause as well, so it's a win-win!
#5: Better Organizational Skills! This also relates to wanting more time for crafting, but y'know XD We've been working away in the house since I got back from Humber because we have a student that is moving in downstairs, and we have been working to turn my mother's old office into a bedroom, including renovating the bathroom and painting the new bedroom and moving out all of the stuff that had been in the room before. That and I still haven't unpacked all of my things from my dorm yet, so things are rather disorganized right now. It almost feels like once we can get all of these things done, our lives can start again, which is kind of weird-sounding and hard to explain but that's exactly how it feels right now. Cross your fingers for me!

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  1. I hear you on the organizational skills. Having a regular schedule is so life changing, and hard to accomplish. sigh.