Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Trip To The Falls & The Geekery

Earlier this month, a friend of mine happened to tell me that he wanted to take me to a restaurant, but he wouldn't tell me where this restaurant was. All he would tell me is that it's in a city that I've been to before. Obviously I gave him crap for this, telling him that's hardly a clue, he responded with, "Yes it is! It eliminates parts of Europe!" My response, as you may have guessed, was around the lines of -_-

The trip ended up being a great one though! He drove us to one of my favorite places in the world, Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, where we spent the day earning tickets at the Midway, taking funny pictures by the falls and the "secret garden", and concluded the day by having lunch at The Geekery Restaurant, one of the coolest places on earth! Here are some pictures of how me and my friend Blair spent our day!
Welcome to Niagara Falls! Pictured there is actually the American falls. Towards the right is what we Canadians call the "better" falls :P
At the Midway, we earned a modest amount of tickets. One thing I happened to see at the prize counter were packages of fake mustaches. Looking at Blair, he was able to read my expression and knew exactly what I was thinking - we've got to get some of those! An eternal child at heart, I asked the lady behind the counter to get us two fake mustaches. And, it turned out, the little plastic pouches also included eye-patches! After leaving the Midway we headed over to the "secret garden" area by the falls to take a bunch of silly pictures in said eye-patches and mustaches. I told Blair we should wear the eye-patches into the Geekery so we could say that we were the first pair to ever walk into that place where both of us were in eye patches. Why did I want that to be a thing? I dunno, I'm just weird, all of you should know that about me by now XD
Me, in a mustache and eye patch, twirling it as if I'd just finished tying a young girl to the railroad tracks.
Me & Blair, still posing in the secret garden by the falls.
After we ditched the eye patches and mustaches, we moved closer to the falls and had an elderly couple that was passing by take our picture, and it actually turned out pretty great!
And then came lunch time, when we finally drove down to the Geekery Restaurant, also known as Doin It GEEK, located at 5991 Lundy's Lane - on the Canadian side of course! The whole place is decorated to cater to all kinds of geeks, there were booths themed after Game of Thrones and even retro games, which is where we decided to sit!
The place is covered in all kinds of posters and art. Not only that, but all of the art decorating the various tables were painted by local artists!
Our waiter came to our table after we had ordered, set up this mini game of faux Jenga in front of us, and asked, "Do you guys feel like hating each other?" Our immediate answer was YES and we spent a good chunk of time playing together. I can't remember which of us was the biggest loser - pretty sure it was Blair :P
This place has a specialized Grilled Cheese menu - suffice to say, I love this place <3 p="">
And the cherry on top of that perfect Sunday (and yes, this all took place on a Sunday)? When our food was delivered to us, it was delivered inside of a NES. Yes, an actual NES! Our waiter put down the hollowed-out gaming systems in front of us and then lifted the lids to reveal our food, and it was pretty freaking amazing. Sure, some might be horrified at the sight of this, or consider it blasphemy to hollow out a beloved gaming system, but the people here are fellow geeks, and I'm sure that they wouldn't have done this to gaming systems that were actually in good working order. So it was a pretty great twist! Also, the food was really good! You know how some people tend to save their crispiest fries for the end? Well, all of the fries were crispy, all of them!

If you live in or near the Niagara region, I suggest stopping in to this incredible place, with a slew of classic board games, retro video games, and a generally amazing atmosphere.

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  1. That restaurant sounds so fun! Definitely bookmarking it for when we finally make it out to the falls.