Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Captured Moment #2

How is your weekend treating you, people of the internet? This past week has flown by pretty quickly, but that didn't stop me from taking a photo pretty much every day, and I have the perfect arrangement to share with you for this week's captured moment. Again, this is a picture link-up created by Running in Lavender, and you're welcome to join in with your captured moment on your blog and social media accounts each week :)

I lucked out this week, because I got to visit one incredibly important man in my life on 3 different days. That little an is Charlie Terence Cruise, my adorable nephew, who will be 4 months old in early December.

Little Charlie came into this world at 6:30PM on August 7th, 2015, weighing 6lbs 12oz, That was when I officially joined the auntie's club :) I love getting to see this little guy, even if I'm not yet cut out for babysitting, and every time I get the chance to hold him, even though I love it, I'm always afraid that I'm going to be the first one that drops him.
As he continues to get bigger, we get to see more and more from him, like when his little blue eyes started to focus on the smiling faces in front of him, and especially when he started to smile and even giggle. Lately he's also started sticking out his tongue for no apparent reason, which I absolutely love :) It's so cute, plus he can stick out his tongue further than I can, so it's like he's always trying to beat me at some kind of context XD
On Wednesday, me and my family all went out to dinner, and we ate at the Crabby Joe's in Beamsville because my sister-in-law's mother was on call. Charlie was a little fussy, but was otherwise adorable as his two grandmothers took turns holding him and fussing over him. Charlie's fraternal grandmother, aka my mother, is pictured on the left, and his maternal grandmother is pictured on the right.
And finally, this past Saturday was the day that me and my brother and sister-in-law packed up the car for the 2 hour drive to Aurora for our annual Cruise Family Christmas get-together. Whenever we happened to stop the car, to grab a quick bite for the road or to stop for gas, he was not a happy camper, but as soon as the car was in motion again, this little tyke was out like a light. I got to sit in the back with him for some of the trip there and the entire trip back. It was great to be able to just stare at his adorable sleeping face, which is when I snagged this picture.

I'd like to hear about how you all spent your last week - or about how adorable you think my nephew is XD - in the comments below! Also feel free to share any links to pictures of blog posts along with your comments.
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