Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Captured Moments #1

How's everybody enjoying their weekend? I'm bringing you something completely new titled My Captured Moments, a weekly photo link-up created by Running In Lavender. Some weeks I will include multiple photos, other times I'll only be sharing one, but each week I'm going to try to share a captured moment with all of you. Anybody else is welcome to join in with this link-up as well and there's a lot of flexibility on when you feel like sharing your own post, whether you want to include words or just photos, and about how many pictures you'd like to share. Enjoy my very first Captured Moment post :)

This week's captured moment is from early this week, where I had both a productive and an incredibly fun Monday. I managed to finish up one project that I have been putting off for a long time, and that is to send a package to my very first IGGPPC pen pal, Diana. I had been collecting a few odds and ends in order to send her a cool little package full of fun things. I had things like scented erasers, a pack of Snow White stickers, and even a cool pen included in there, all of this along with a letter I had written for her. I also sent her a little something I made that should help out with a project the two of us are working on, which I can't tell you about yet ;) Stay tuned for more details on that!
The second part of Monday that I really enjoyed was getting to go out to dinner with my boyfriend at one of my favorite restaurants in town, M.T. Bellies. It's walking distance from my house, and the food is always incredible. What was special about this night was that Kurt happened to bring some starter decks from Magic The Gathering with him, and he proceeded to teach me how to play as we waited for our food to arrive. MTG is a big hobby for Kurt, and I'm glad to learn more about the things that he enjoys, in the same way that Kurt has fully embraced many of my favorite interests such as playing board games, watching Community and The Newsroom, and even the idea of taking me to Clifton Hill for a fun day sometime in the near future, which is one of my favorite places on Earth :) I'm very lucky to have such a great guy in my life.
That's all for this week's captured moments. What are some of your favorite moments from this past week? Let me know in the comments below :) & feel free to link me to a picture on Twitter or Instagram from this week as well!

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