Friday, December 4, 2015

5 Favorite Holiday Recommendations

First Friday of December, yay! And just think, three Fridays from now, it'll be Christmas already! Can you believe it?! Time just flies by. Soon it'll be 2016. Jeez, where does the time go? Anyway, time for 5 Fandom Friday posting fun time! This week we're supposed to tell you about our 5 holiday recommendations, and I'm thinking this is pretty open, so I'm going to have each of my suggestions be a completely different type. I'll be sharing my favorite holiday-themed apparel, movie, craft, book, and snail mail item :)
Apparel: Geeky Ugly Christmas Sweater! I know I should probably just stick to recommending one type of ugly Christmas sweater, but I found so many cool ones online that I couldn't decide between these three because they're all so awesome! I love how popular the Ugly Christmas Sweater style has become this year, and I've always wanted to go to one of those ugly Christmas sweater parties. There are so many nerdy options! From Guardians of the Galaxy to Legend of Zelda and even Die Hard have their own versions!
Movie: The Holiday! One of the reasons that I've decided to recommend this film over others is because it's not expressly a Christmas/New Years film. But the story is really sweet and entertaining, and it has a lot of great qualities, such as the opportunity to stare at Jude Law, and getting to see Jack Black act in a semi-serious role, plus it's a pretty funny movie too! It's a fun film, a little on the chick flick side but I wouldn't hesitate to sit and watch this with my boyfriend at some point.
Craft: Mason Jar Ornaments! I recently came into possession of an entire box of mason jar lids, and I figured out with the help of Pinterest that these will be great to use for a number of Christmas crafts! There's plenty of ways to use these to make unique and super pretty crafts. I'm definitely planning on making a bunch of these as gifts this year, and even a couple for our own tree as well!
Book: Dash and Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan! I know, I know, I mention this book way too often on this blog, but that's because it's one of my favorite books of all time. It's set around the time of Christmas and New Years, and it's incredibly hilarious. Not to mention I've had the tradition over the years of re-reading this book around this time of year, and I'll be beginning my annual re-read pretty soon, as a matter of fact :)
Snail Mail: Christmas-Themed Pocket Letter! It's these kinds of things that make me love the Project Life premise so much, but even without those plastic sleeves or those particular inserts, you can create your own style of snail mail items in any sort of theme you want! I like the cool colours in this too, which I can do using the glitzy sprays that my mom owns. Not only would it be fun to create something like this, but it'd be a much more memorable thing to receive in the mail than a simple Christmas card.

What are some of your holiday recommendations? Let me know in the comments below. And feel free to include some of your #5FandomFriday post links in the comments as well :)


  1. I'm not usually into romantic comedies, but I do like staring at Jude Law. Think I'll have to check out The Holiday this year. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Wow! Those ornaments are super cute! I've never thought of making something like that.